Reminder: Trion’s Concept Art Contest Ending

Just a reminder for anyone actively working on their submissions that Trion’s Concept Art Contest ends at 11:59PM PDT on April 23rd, 2014. [Countdown]


  • Trion’s Concept Art Contest is about creating concept art for either a 2-handed sword, 2-handed staff or cape;
  • Grand Prize Winner gets “The Concept King” in-game title, 37,000 Credits, 1 mount of your choice from Rift Store, 3 Radiant Infinity Cells, 30-day Patron Pass and 20 Costume Versions of your creation to sell or give to others.
  • There’s also other prizes for 2nd place, 3rd place and runners-up.
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Unstable Artifact Thieves

For those wondering what the Unstable Artifact Thieves are, how to find them and how to catch them, this is a post just for you!

  • Unstable Artifact Thieves are squirrels that run around locations throughout a zone during an Unstable Zone Event.
  • 4 types: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic.
  • They give you 1-2 or more Unstable Artifacts of the corresponding rarity when you catch them with a Net.
  • Requires the use of Artifact Thief Catcher ‘nets’ consumables crafted with Dream Weaver recipes that are dropped from Unstable Zone Events.

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New 532MB Update on the PTS (April 2014)

PTS New 532MB Update on PTS Banner

There’s a new 532MB Update that has just hit the Public Test Shard (“PTS”)! It’s been a while since we’ve last done a large post like this (since February) but here we are with another large PTS update!

  • Huge amounts of 3.0 Content Models.
  • New Bindings of Blood multi-Conqueror Achievement + Dimension Key reward.
  • Movement Physics Improvements
  • Maid’s Bundle.

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Trion’s Free Gift of Spring (Limited Time)

Trion have announced that they are giving away a “Gift of Spring” in everyone’s Claims section of the Rift Store. This item provides:

  • 1x Overcompensating Crystallized Insight (1 mil PA XP);
  • 1x Gift of Loyalty (loyalty points);
  • 1x Random costume bundle.
  • + Very rare chance of obtaining a Planar Squirrel Mount (Cloudtail, Flametail/etc).

You can start claiming at 12:01am PDT on April 19th. Here’s a countdown.
Warning, however, that the Gift of Spring will disappear  at 11:59pm PDT on April 20th.

Make sure to claim yours! Note: Only available to one character per account.

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Bindings of Blood: Greenscale Kill Videos

Bindings of Blood Greenscale Banner

Congratulations to -Vendetta- on the Greybriar (NA) shard for getting World First Tier 3 Raid – Bindings of Blood: Greenscale! Also congrats to <Crayons> (Faeblight, NA), Trinity (Greybriar, NA) and Addiction (Greybriar, NA) for getting Greenscale down as well. [Raid Standings - BoB: Greenscale]

-Vendetta-, Crayons, Trinity and Addiction have posted kill videos for the bosses to feast your eyes on below with different perspectives:

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Upcoming Macro UI Changes in 2.7

Senior UI Artist Amber “Gingers” Alexander has announced further details on the Macro UI changes coming in Patch 2.7 along with all the other UI improvements and additions that she mentioned in a previous livestream.

Upcoming Macro UI Changes in 2.7
Here are some details on the macro UI changes coming with 2.7. Picture the bank UI, the layout is similar (list of categories on the left, many icons on the right though more spaced out so you can see the macro name).

  • The categories on the left can be custom renamed.
  • The macro icons can be dragged/dropped within it’s category AND they can be dragged/dropped into other categories.
  • Shift+drag makes a copy of your selected macro.
  • Currently we will give players 8 categories, each category has room for 20 macros (160 macros total). These extra macro slots are free.
  • I hope to show off the full awesomeness in an upcoming live stream (it will probably be a few minutes on April 25th).

Originally Posted by GINGERS on 17th APRIL 2014

News: RIFT 2.6 Hotfix #16

Trion will be updating RIFT with RIFT 2.6 Hotfix #16 at 8:00AM PDT on 18th April 2014 (NA) and 1:00AM GMT on 18th April 2014 (EU).


  • HIT/TOUGHNESS Requirement Tooltips. Now display SL Tier 3 requirements and no longer displays classic (pre-SL) requirements.
  • Trinket fixes for PvP. Proper PvP damage/heal/absorb reductions applied to a variety of PvE and PvP Trinkets.

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News: RIFT 2.6 Hotfix #15

Trion will be updating RIFT with RIFT 2.6 Hotfix #15 at 8:00AM PDT on 17th April 2014 (NA) and 1:00AM GMT on 17th April 2014 (EU). (EU gets Hotfix #15 at the same time as Hotfix #14)


  • Tier 2 Raid Store Weapons now have 78 HIT instead of 65.
  • PvP Equipment gained from Depleted Supply Crates now work properly in Warfronts and Conquest (instead of being bolstered to Freelancer gear).
  • Increased stats on Warlord Essences dropped from Depleted Supply Crates.

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2.6 Hotfix #14 bugs + New Items

Few bugs showing up for the NA version of 2.6 Hotfix #14 that will be fixed for EU shards when they get the hotfix (and fixed for NA tomorrow):

  • Bug: New Tier 2 Weapons on the Rift Store have 65 HIT instead of 78 HIT. [r]
  • Bug: Value of stats for the new Depleted Supply Crate-dropped Warlord Essences are lower than intended. [r]
  • Bug: Warlord Essences that drop from Depleted Supply Crates are getting PvP bolstered to Freelancer essences. [r]

Also have screens/info on the following to peruse:

Also a reminder from Ocho that Empyreal Slayer’s Marks still don’t have a weekly cap since last week’s test. [r]

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