The RiftGrate is open!



*shuffles around*

Welcome all to the opening of RiftGrate! (huzzah!)
I am your host, Marko from the exotic continent of Laethys. *waves*

Just giving you all a quick intro to the purpose of this site.

I realised at some point that I wrote a lot about the latest Rift news, juicy information to upcoming patches and new stuff that appear on the PTS on the forums. It dawned on me one day that I could just bring all that information under one roof. So, here we are!

I understand there are other sites out there doing similar stuff to RiftGrate. However I have found they are rather slow to update and end up simply copy-pasting news easily available on the Rift website with minimal commentary, predictions or analysis. May as well just follow Dev Tracker if that’s all you’re going to do.

So, my goal is to give avid Rift players a place to quickly read over the latest news to hit the game with some analysis and predictions to go along with it as well as guides and walkthroughs for parts of the game.

For now since I am lazy I’ll mainly be writing up posts on the various happenings of Rift and slowly add guides as time permits.



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