Tip of the Day: Having troubles with your character ‘stopping’? Here’s a solution!


It’s my first Tip of the Day! Huzzarians!

So you’re doing your thing in the open world, moving around all over the place like a boss, but then you try to use an ability binded to CTRL+# whilst moving and suddenly your character says “Nope.” and stops moving! What do you do?

Never fear! This is likely caused by an evil thing called “Duplicate Dimension Item”. With the introduction of Dimensions, shortly after they introduced the ability to copy the placement/size/rotation attributes of any item they had already placed using an ability called “Duplicate Dimension Item” which was default keybinded to CTRL+D.

That’s right, CTRL+D. This means if you are using an ability that is keybinded to CTRL+# and you are also moving right (via “D”), you will ‘stop’.

To fix this, simply hit ESC -> Key Bindings -> “Dimensions” category (just below “Chat Window” category) and right-click the CTRL+D hotkey next to Duplicate Dimensions Item for it to become Not Bound. (or you can change it to a hotkey of your choosing if you do Dimensions).

This should effectively eliminate the conflict in key input and you should be able to freely use your movement and CTRL+# keys without stopping.

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