PTS News: More info on 2.4 Raid – Planebreaker Bastion


The guys and girls at Rifthead have found out that one of the 2.4 Tier 2 20-man Raids will be called “Planebreaker Bastion”. This is likely to be the Plane of Earth/Architects raid.

They also listed a few kill achievements most likely datamined from either the PTS and/or Live Client files.

  • Kill Eggtenders
  • Kill Inyr
  • Kill Planebreaker
  • Kill Prisoner
  • Kill Proteus
  • Planebreaker Bastion – Defeat all bosses of Planebreaker Bastion
  • Rapid Assault: Planebreaker Bastion – Defeat all bosses of Planebreaker Bastion within 1 hour of first combat.

I see some people on the forums are slightly worried by the ‘short’ 1hr Rapid Assault achievement.  Remember however that Endless Eclipse and Frozen Tempest also have 1hr Rapid Assault achieves and Laethys in Infernal Dawn had a 9min rapid assault achieve. That timer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an easy encounter.

There’s also an unfinished map that TehFrank on the Rift forums was able to datamine from one of the Clients.

Bastion MapAnalysis of the Map

There are 4 colored sections, one middle section and two ‘interim’ sections. My guess is that the small interim non-colored sections are mainly trash mobs or perhaps there’s even a mini-boss. However, the 4 colored sections and the middle section are likely boss encounters.

Section 1 – Starting location, likely Prisoner boss

bastion1The bottom-right section looks to be the starting point. There seems to be a bridge and a gorge in the middle of this map and afterwards you see a smaller version of the building that you see in the top section.

There seems to be a wall enclosing the building in the bottom-right section. In the middle it seems ‘broken’, like a gate has been destroyed. My guess is that’s where the ‘Prisoner‘ boss will come out from.

Section 2 – Transit, likely mini-boss or trash

bastion2The section after the first bottom-right section seems to be rather plain and leads me to believe that it is likely either a mini-boss or just a trash-pack location – perhaps with some roleplay mixed in.

Of course the non-colored areas are most likely heavily incomplete in this data-mined map similar to the data-mining that went on prior to Infernal Dawn.

That said, the area looks too small for anything significant.

Section 3 – Likely Eggtenders boss

bastion3The third section looks to be the Eggtenders boss encounter. The guess would be that this is a mini-boss encounter but it could end up being similar to Warboss Drak in Infernal Dawn (with lots of adds and multiple mini-bosses prior to the boss itself).

The map has rings and rectangles that leads me to believe it is a semi-‘natural’, semi-‘incubator’-type area with certain Architect technology helping to incubate eggs.

Think of Progenitor Saetos in Endless Eclipse and the eggs mini-event prior.

There’s 5 visible rings on the map of equal size. Perhaps this encounter will involve the eggs hatching one by one and having to fight off both the Eggtenders and the hatched Architects. Perhaps you are forced to choose which Eggs to destroy because you won’t have the DPS to kill them all before they hatch, and therefore the encounter can be ‘different’ based on which ones you decide to kill and which ones you decide will hatch.

This location is most likely a central hub. You’re probably given a choice of going either left or right after this encounter, but you are likely to need to kill both the left and right section bosses before gaining access to the Final Boss room (the north section).

Section 4 – Likely Proteus boss

bastion4 We’ll term the fourth section the left section after the Eggtenders although you could probably go to the right section first.

This place is highly, highly mechanical and seems to have a grid-like base. My guess is that this is where the Proteus boss will be and you will be fighting inside this huge contraption. The reason I think it may be Proteus is because at the bottom of the room seems to be water (note the large blue square layer that Trion hasn’t ‘touched up’ yet).

Proteus, according to Greek mythology, is an early sea-god. According to Wikipedia:

“He can foretell the future, but, in a mytheme familiar to several cultures, will change his shape to avoid having to; he will answer only to someone who is capable of capturing him.”

This boss may likely be another precursor to the Plane of Water Rift 3.0 content. Trion has hinted at using various mythology before, especially in their Rift 3.0 Whiteboard teaser which included a “Moon Upelluri”, Upelluri being the ‘Dreaming God’ in Hurrian mythology which links back to the Plane of Water being about dreams, nightmares, insanity and knowledge.

It connects with the mythology well. Perhaps when we defeat Proteus he will warn us of the coming dangers of the Plane of Water in a similar fashion to how Regulos warns us when you defeat him that without him hiding Telara from the rest of the universe, much more powerful foes will seek out Telara for its rich source of planar energy.

Trion hasn’t shied away from including raids with multiple elements before. Hammerknell Fortress was Death and Water and Infernal Dawn was Earth and Fire.

Section 5 – Likely Planebreaker boss

bastion5The 5th section is likely to be the Planebreaker boss’ encounter.

The large spiral circle in the middle makes me think that this could potentially create a rift/portal to other planes, thus the ‘Planebreaker’ name. You can almost imagine that object at the bottom spinning around in different directions per ‘ring’ and a rift/portal forming.

The entrance to the area also seems to indicate that this area is perhaps ‘outside’ which would lend further credence to this area being the Planebreaker boss’ encounter.

Section 6 – Likely Inyr boss

bastion6The little section prior to this one is likely just the gate and some trash packs. The gate will likely open once you’ve defeated the other bosses.

Section 6 is likely the Inyr boss section. Inyr was shown in Queen’s Gambit to be the new Queen of the Architects. As such, it’s fairly reasonable to assume that the final boss would be Queen Inyr.

First point of interest is that the building seems to be very similar to the smaller one in the first section. This could be a special Architect building reserved for a Hive and the one we saw in Section 1 could potentially be a weaker Hive that is ‘sealed’ off by the dominant Hive (thus why it is behind a wall/imprisoned).

The biggest point of interest however is in the hands. My guess is the hands are part of the building – it shows the Architects’ genius/mechanical prowess. The one in Section 1 doesn’t have hands because it has most likely been destroyed.

If you look at the map, you’ll see the smaller colored boulders that are ‘spiky’ are likely to be above the encounter. There’s 4 circular objects in the middle that are likely to be hovering platforms.

My guess is that the hands will attempt to attack you and you must move between the platforms. There’s likely different mini-bosses or adds on these platforms or perhaps it could even be a soft enrage because you’ll have less space to avoid mechanics.

The more boring option of course is that perhaps the hands and building are inanimate and just ‘part of the scenery’. Hope not!


The maps and achievements in their current state are getting me excited! Can’t wait for 2.4! In the meantime, I hope someone manages to datamine the Infinity Gate Raid as well for us!

Also, the Inyr and Planebreaker boss locations could be switched around. ‘Planebreaker’ does fit the bill of those hands in the last section.

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