News: Mayhem in Mathosia Event – AUG 21 – SEPT 4

Trion have announced that next week following the end of Summerfest, a new 2-week mini-event will occur in Scarlet Gorge, Scarwood Reach and Moonshade Highlands where you can earn extra rewards for participating in zone events in those zones.

This is similar to the first mini-event of this concept that was held from June 27th to July 2nd called “Freemarch & Silverwood Under Siege!” that gave similar rewards and new achievements.

This is also a reminder to get all your Summerfest quests completed before it ends on the 21st August. Even if you can’t complete them, try to at least have the quests in your questlog as they might auto-complete once the world event ends.

They’ve also added a new Achievement called “Single Barrel Blast” for this event.

More information on the Mayhem in Mathosia Event below:

NEXT WEEK: Mayhem In Mathosia! AUG 21 – SEPT 4
Ascended of all levels! Massive planar invasions march on the heart of Mathosia. Gather in Scarlet Gorge, Scarwood Reach, and Moonshade Highlands to defend the world against impeding destruction!
Mayhem in Mathosia
Dates: August 21 – Sept 4
Rewards: Bonus Planar Currency, Bonus Loot, and a New Achievement.
In addition to bonus currency for mentored-down players and a new achievement & title, you’ll also find special items dropping out of zone events:

  • Sapphire Ki Rin Mount
  • Defiant Crest Cape
  • Guardian Crest Cape
  • Twilight Jester Hat
  • Crimson Gothic Hat
  • Lesser Experience Vial
  • Lesser Token Tablet
  • Riot Torch

RIFT Veterans – Mentor down and join your fellow Ascended in defending Telara from the planes for special loot!

Originally Posted by Rift Community on 13th August 2013

New Achievement – Single Barrel Blast
A new achievement has been added to the PTS under the “Planes” category. You gain a title “Barrel Tosser” for completing this achievement.
You must use an Empty Barrel item found during Moonshade Highlands, Scarwood Reach and Scarlet Gorge zone events during the Mayhem in Mathosia Event 50 times on other players to get this achieve.

Note: Like the ‘Compulsive Gifting’, ‘Dirt Hurts’ and ‘Pie For An Eye’ Achievements that were granted during the Silverwood & Freemarch Under Siege Event; this achievement will be unavailable to acquire after September 4th (when the event ends) unless they redo this event at a future time.

The “Barrel Tosser” title is likely a suffix, i.e. “Marko, Barrel Tosser”. Although I cannot rule out that it might be a prefix, i.e. “Barrel Tosser Marko”.
The name and the use of the Barrel might even be a nod to the Barrel mount that the devs have. Who knows, maybe they will actually give us the Barrel mount for players to use! If they do introduce the Barrel Mount to the Live client – it is likely to appear as a precursor to the 3.0 Content. Reason? They could arguably make the excuse that such a wacky mount would exist in someone’s dream/nightmare and the Plane of Water might have found the ability to make these nightmares reality (since the Plane of Water is about dreams/nightmares/insanity/knowledge).

Looking forward to this event! Given it starts immediately after Summerfest ends, it’s likely a way to tide things over whilst they prepare for the launch of Patch 2.4. From a business standpoint I doubt they would want to release Patch 2.4 on the 4th of September right after this mini-event ends since they can push it further back by at least a week. There’s no need for back-to-back events from a business standpoint and people complained that the first Carnival of the Ascended that was back-to-back with the Infernal Dawn opening world event simply lasted too long without a break.

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