Tip of the Day: Buy REX instead of paying directly with platinum.

Save platinum on items that have both a platinum and credits option by buying REX using platinum, converting the REX into credits, then using those credits to buy the item.

A lot of people don’t realise the intrinsic advantage of buying REX from other players with platinum and using the Credits you receive to buy items in the Cash Shop that have a platinum and credits option.

Example:Say Timmy wants to buy an 150% mount. They cost either 1,000 Platinum or 630 Credits.
Timmy has 2 options:

Option 1: Buy with Platinum directly.
Timmy can pay 1,000 platinum for his 150% mount.

Option 2: Buy REX.
Timmy can pay the market price for REX with platinum. Currently that is around 1,200 platinum. He then uses the REX, giving him 1,250 Credits. He then buys the mount for 630 Credits and has 620 Credits left over.

Under Option 2, Timmy ‘effectively’ pays only 604 platinum and 80 gold for this mount. That’s a saving of 395 platinum and 20 gold.


If you want something that has both a Platinum and Credits option, you will save money if you buy REX from another player or on the Auction House for platinum.

The cut-off price (where you will no longer save money by buying REX with platinum, using the REX to get Credits then buying the item with Credits) is when 1 REX = 1,984 platinum and 13 gold. At any REX price below this amount, you save platinum using this method.

Currently REX is between 1k-1.4k platinum each so you would save a lot of platinum using this method.

Check out the Money category on RiftGrate for more plat-making/saving tips:

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