PTS News: The bosses of 2.4 thus far…


So we’ve gotten an incomplete map for Planebreaker Bastion as well as basic boss achieves.

How about the bosses?

Below we will take a look at all the bosses currently available on the PTS, including quite a few already up for Infinity Gate.

(gorgeous screenshots inc!)

Planebreaker Bastion

For Planebreaker Bastion, one of the upcoming Tier 2 20-man Raids, the PTS currently has two bosses up for testing:


Inyr1The Queen in Queen’s Gambit, Inyr. Note that Planebreaker Bastion bosses are currently in Infernal Dawn as a placeholder. They’ll be in Planebreaker Bastion when they hit in Live.

Inyr looks quite formidable and you’d expect as much from the Architect Queen. Her staff is available as a Loyalty reward for getting 550,000 Loyalty into the Orange Tier. Unfortunately it isn’t as big or look at impressive on your character than on her.


proteus1As I mentioned in the article on the Planebreaker Bastion Map datamine, I assumed that Proteus would be a water boss due to the mythology behind his name. Indeed that does seem to be the cast here. If this isn’t a placeholder boss, then Proteus is a water boss. He can outstretch his neck to a considerable length.

I predict that even if this is a placeholder model for the boss, the final boss model should still be Plane of Water-related and he’ll most likely forewarn of the upcoming dangers of the Plane of Water once he is defeated.

Infinity Gate

The Infinity Gate is the other Tier 2 20-man Raid coming in September with Rift 2.4. It has a fair few more bosses up for testing on the PTS.


infinitygate1Impressed? I sure am. Here’s a screenshot of what the Infinity Gate raid looks like thus far on the PTS. It looks like either the Gate has pulled in a Death and Life island with rifts, or perhaps the Ascended messing with the Gate has ‘attracted’ some Planes.

To the left and right you’ll find glowing pillars. When you step on the, you get ported to the respective islands where as boss will appear.

For Volan and another set of mobs, you need to click on a mechanism ‘behind’ the screenshot above that fires a laser into the Infinity Gate, attracting these bosses.

Volan appears and he seems to have his Head and Legs hitboxes available for targetting. Not sure if his other pieces are targetable as the fight goes on. Regardless, it looks awesome!


infinitygate2Mordan is the boss you fight when you get ported from the Left portal on the ground onto the Death Rift island.

The model is Arebus who is one of the mini-bosses in the boss fight Progenitor Saetos in Endless Eclipse. Thus it is likely that this is just a placeholder model (I hope it is at least). Can’t wait to see what Mordan actually looks like!


infinitygate3Viktus is the Life boss. You’ll teleport to him from the right portal onto the Life Rift island. The model is Swarmlord Khargoth from the Pre-SL Level 50 Tier 3 10-man Primeval Feast. Thus it is likely that this is not the final model for Viktus.

Looking forward to some impressive artwork from the Rift art team for this fight.

Architect Mobs

infinitygate4The final mob/s I was able to summon were these 3 architects. They have 10.3M hp each so are unlikely to be a ‘boss’ encounter of their own, but probably a ‘trash mob’ pack before either a boss arrives or a pre-cursor to the other Tier 2 20-man Raid, Planebreaker Bastion.

From left to right they are Zykikari Venomancer, Zykikari Champion and Zykikari Tactician. Zykikari is probably their Hive’s name much like Kaaz’Ra, Kaaz’Icht, Kaaz’Et/etc in Hive Kaaz’Gfuu all belong to the same Hive. I don’t think Zykikari is Queen Inyra’s Hive group so they must be a different Hive, perhaps the previous ‘top hive’ that is overthrown by Inyra’s Hive.


Looking forward to updated models, and hoping that the Infinity Gate is 5 bosses and not just 4. Hopefully after defeating the 4 listed above we’ll get the ‘final boss’ for the encounter. Wonder if it will be Crucia, or if she’s taking a break until the Plane of Water 3.0 content, or perhaps a 2.0 SL Tier 3?

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