PTS News: New Planebreaker Bastion + Atrophinius RoTD Achieves

PTS was updated today with a new set of Tier 2 20-man Raid: Planebreaker Bastion achieves as well as adding Atrophinius achievements into the upcoming 5-man dungeon Realm of Twisted Dreams.

Realm of Twisted Dreams: Atrophinius Achieves


The Atrophinius achieves are on top of the achieves already on the PTS for the other bosses in the 5-man Realm of Twisted Dreams dungeon.


Planebreaker Bastion Achieves

A few achieves have been added in addition to the defeat-boss ones that were datamined earlier.

Both “Headhunter” and “High Above The Abyss” achieves seems to reward the “The Headhunter” title so I’m assuming one of them is currently bugged and will be updated later on with a different title.

Clearly this isn’t the full set of achieves for the raid and hopefully they include a Conqueror achieve with a nice reward.

Can’t wait for more info!

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