News: New Transcendent (Red) -quality items.

With the introduction of the Crucia’s Supply Crates, the patch notes attached to their release mentioned that you would get the chance at 160% vials.

Recently the below was linked in 60s chat:


We’ve seen this ‘Transcendent’ Red category level of item rarity before. Players have been able to link non-useful ‘fake’ items even before Storm Legion that were red, and Daglar – in one of the F2P Livestreams – commented that they had accidentally left the Crafting Skill Extension cash shop item in ‘Transcendent’ color.

Looks like they’ve now added in the game for real with these new 160% Boost Vials that are only obtainable from Crucia’s Supply Crates.

This leads to the possibility that perhaps we’ll see Transcendent-level gear. Perhaps an upgrade above Relic upgrade for Raid gear; or perhaps even a new category for open-world gear. Could PvP gear receive a ‘Transcendent’ upgrade path? Who knows.

Interesting to see how they add this new Red-colored rarity to other parts of the game – if they choose to do so.

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