News: The 3.0 Plane of Water Image

The 3.0 Plane of Water Image was attached to the Rift 3.0 Content Whiteboard. It is part of the overall Rift 3.0 Content coming to Rift.


The image is a cross-section concept art of what the Plane of Water will possibly look like. With the information teased on the 3.0 Whiteboard, it seems clear that this will be an ambitious content patch for Trion.

Coral Forest

“Play space and potential starting zone.
This is likely to be the starting zone for the Plane of Water as indicated. It seems to be one of two above-water content areas, the other being the Glaciers. It will be interesting to see how Trion plans to make this area work because it looks rather dull. That said, they could potentially have dull/dead-coral areas and more colorful ones that are still vibrant and alive.

Update 11.27.13: Possibly a zone called Goboro Reef.


Could this image above potentially be Goboro Reef/Coral Forest? It is a background image for Rift Store front page promotional items, but doesn’t seem to look like anything that currently exists in the game.
There’s a lot of water that could indicate drainage – like this is perhaps the above-ground part of the Coral Forest/Goboro Reef.


“Extends up from our “Atlantis” type city into the water acting as a guide/reference for players.”
As it states in the description, it’s a guide for players so that they can find where to get to to start in the Atlantis-type City. As mentioned in the 3.0 Whiteboard, this is likely the ‘Dream City’ entrance.

The Lighthouse Whiteboard image shows that this Lighthouse is half-submerged and doubtless like the Lighthouses in Storm Legion should be clearly visible. A guiding light as it were.

Atlantis-type City

“A city built under the first layer of water with buildings that extend up into the upper layer of water.”
As indicating in the image, the zones for the Plane of Water will be made up of multiple layers. This City is most likely the Dream City referred to in the 3.0 Whiteboard and possibly contains the Dream People.

Update 11.27.13: Possibly a zone called Draumheim.

Trench & Ice Caverns

“The lowest level could be deep, dark Caverns or Ice Caves (dungeons).”
The Lighthouse Whiteboard image also shows this cross-section. Think the cave in Abyssal Precipice, only all the way at the bottom layer of content.

Given the use of the word ‘Trench’, this likely refers to the ‘Abyssal Trench’ in the 3,0 Whiteboard. Abyssal Trench could very well be a dungeon.


“Used for connecting play-spaces, content, and even small dungeons.”
Small dungeons? That’s interesting. So perhaps they could introduce the usual-length dungeons, and some smaller dungeons that perhaps are part of a separate queue from the Daily Random Dungeon Queue?

Or perhaps small open-world dungeons? That would be interesting. They already have open-world raid bosses in Dendrome that seem to be a huge success given that each attempt at them seems to bring in 4-5+ raids worth of people. How about open-world dungeons with their own bosses at the end? Ah, recalling Ragnarok Online days.

This also reminds me how I enjoyed finding small islands/rocks in the open world in Rift off the coast that may contain a Rare mob, quest/etc.

The Iceburgs also seem ideal for 3D-based Content given that they can cover several layers of content.

Coral Islands:

“Used for connecting play-spaces, content, and even small dungeons.”
Again, similar to the Iceburgs except these seem to be islands at the middle-layer.


“Ice caves inside for more content & play-space.”
There’s an ice cave cross-section at the middle/City layer with an entrance next to the Coral Island. I’m just imagining the middle/City layer since it is underwater which means there is no ‘horizon’; you’ll see either coral walls, rocky walls or glacial walls. It is basically sealed off.

Would be awesome to swim/run around the far edges of this layer and end up finding secret tunnels leading to various open-world caves. Some might be small and minor, others might have jumping puzzles, and others yet might have bosses/Elites.

The Lighthouse Whiteboard on its left side also showed what looked like various ‘falling traps’. Perhaps these will appear in the open world as dynamic events on the Glaciers. I.e., think of those movies where the protagonist walks on a glacier, steps on an unstable section of the floor and collapses into a tunnel that leads to a large, open cave.Now imagine this is a dynamic event where anywhere you move could end up making you fall. Or perhaps it will be indicated and appear randomly as a slightly off-color section of the Glacier. Fall in and you have a random chance at a random cave (small, medium, large) with either a small quest, special carnage, treasure chest, Elite mob, rare mob/etc.

So many possibilities!

Update 11.27.13: Possibly a zone called Tarken Glacier.


The above image is used as a background for Rift Store front page promotions. This is either Iron Pine Peak, or potentially a part of the Tarken Glacier zone.


The image has gotten me excited. Several layers of content awaits us in the Plane of Water.

If Trion is reading this – be sure to fix the mapping system! Right now it is annoying when you go into Hive Kaaz’Gfuu in The Dendrome and your mini-map shows the above-ground map. Hoping this won’t be an issue in Rift 3.0.
Probably add a toggle for the main map, and make it auto for the mini-map depending on what layer you are on.

Also, check out the main Rift 3.0 Content Page for more details on Rift 3.0.

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8 Comments on “News: The 3.0 Plane of Water Image”

  1. Trellarian
    April 23, 2014 at 2:38 am #

    Below the image there is the following text :” ….weapon upgrades. A longer and more robust upgrade path.”
    Sounds interesting!

    • April 23, 2014 at 2:43 am #

      Think that’s more or less what they’ve implemented in recent patches with stuff like the multiple upgrades and side-grade paths for weapons and armor.


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