News: The 3.0 Whiteboard

Back in April 2013 the player base was exposed to a rather interesting Whiteboard with tons of information about possible future content via one of Trion’s many weekly Livestreams.

Below is the image:


Let’s revisit what is on the board (as an extension to the Rift 3.0 Content page).

Listing from Top-Left to Bottom-Right:

First Column

Moon Upelluri
I googled “Upelluri” to see if it would come up with anything – and it did. Upelluri was the “dreaming god” in Hurrian mythology. Trion has used various mythology as references for their characters before – such as for one of the Patch 2.4 Tier 2 20-man Raid Planebreaker Bastion’s bosses – Proteus (who is a sea-god in Greek mythology)

As they mention it is a Moon, it is likely this will be either the location of Rift 3.0, or one of the locations we will journey to.

Plane of Water Image
The Plane of Water Image shown here is further shown in close-up in a separate Livestream some time down the track.
Click here to check out the image.

Second Column

Coral Forest
This is mentioned in the picture on the Whiteboard and is stated as a potential “Play space and potential starting zone.” It is above-ground and leads into the water. It is considered part of the ‘top layer’ or ‘ground layer’ of the Plane of Water.

Update 11.27.13: This is possibly a zone called Goboro Reef.

Dream City
This is most likely the ‘Atlantis-type City’ mentioned in the Plane of Water image. It is built in the second layer of water underneath the first layer of water.

The words next to Dream City are unreadable. ‘Obitor Pruetous’ or something. Could simply indicate a possible significant NPC in the City or something similar.

Update 11.27.13: This is possibly a zone called Draumheim.

Abyssal Trench
The Abyssal are the cult of Akylios mainly made up of magic-users hungry for knowledge. A trench is generally taken as either a depression in the ground used for defensive purposes, like a castle moat, or a method used to search and excavate ancient ruins.

This is likely a defensive position surrounding the Dream City.

Update 12.05.13: This could very well be “Myrkur”, which could be the potential ‘4th’ zone. ‘Myrkur’ is referred to in one of the Sirens’ Songs.

Glaciers of the Moon
This is most likely referencing the Plane of Water image’s Glacier content (above-water level) that runs alongside the Coral Forest.

Update 11.27.13: Likely referring to the Tarken Glacier – which is the possible name for the Glacier zone.

Ocean Content
Fairly self-explanatory. From the Plane of Water image on the Whiteboard it is clear that there are several layers of Ocean-based content. Whether this will involve a ton of swimming is unknown although the layers tend to say otherwise.

Update 01.22.14: We now know there are both Water and Amphibious Mounts. Also, the Gift of the Atragarian buff you get in the underwater questchain on Ember Isle also indicates some relief for players in terms of movement.

“Dry” Content
This is clearly referencing the Coral Forest and Glaciers that are above-water level, although it may also include the Trench & Ice Caverns, inside Iceburgs and perhaps even the mid-section water level where the Dream City resides.

Chaos Army
I immediately turn to Regulos’ dying words in which he states that without him to shroud Telara from the rest of the universe, much greater foes will seek out Telara’s rich sourcewells.

Chaos Army sounds pretty formidable. It sounds like either Fire- or Death-related, although it could be Water-related. Then again, my hopes are that this ‘Chaos Army’ isn’t from a single Plane but perhaps a mix – perhaps hybrids.

Update 01.22.14: The ‘Chaos Army’ may in fact be the Bloodfire Army that makes a prominent appearance for Patch 2.6.

Oniri King
This could be the King of Dream City, the leader of the Chaos Army or perhaps a dungeon boss. Unknown at this stage although user Mordrahan back in April pointed out that “Onirique” means “related to dreams” in French. In other words, the Oniri King would be “King of Dreams”.

Abyssal Horror
Sounds like a new mob.

Update 01.22.14: This could be referencing the Akvan whom are an ancient, evil race – born prior to the Blood Storm’s birth – whom are currently in slumber. It may also simply refer to the Sinister Presences that we see in the game currently.

City Content
Although not visible in this image, in another image of the Whiteboard we see a “City Content” written here. This perhaps indicates that the Dream City itself will contain several quests. Perhaps even dynamic Nightmare events will pop up in the City itself. It makes me think of the zone City Core, which is ‘technically’ a City that is constantly under siege by Rifts and Invasions. Also makes me think of the Dream-based quests in Eastern Holding and how Nightmare mobs popped up in that area.

Think, Tempest Bay + City Core.

Mostly Adventure
Or at least I think that’s what it says. Basically looks like Trion wants to expand on the non-instanced content is what I’m getting out of this.

This is the bit I absolutely love. Imagine Aquariums where humans go in to see fish stuck behind glass tanks with coral, seaweed, bedrock/etc. Now reverse it.
Fish that go into Landquariums to see humans stuck behind glass tanks with trees, homes and other above-water items. Perhaps this links up to the “Dream People”. These Dream People may be prisoners who are trapped in an endless nightmare (like in the nightmare questline in the zone Eastern Holdings). The nightmares feeding the Plane of Water creatures.

Can’t wait to see what these look like!

Update 01.22.14: From the Sinister Presences as well as ‘A Sinister Tide’ Rift, it’s been shown that those under a Nightmare – when killed, spawns a Plane of Water-based ‘nightmare’ mob. I.e., the nightmares are able to manifest into reality. These Landquariums could very well be prisons or factories where people are forced into endless nightmares to allow new ‘nightmare’ creatures to manifest into reality.

In-between Second and Third Columns

There’s a bit in-between the main Second and Third Columns.

Icicles Ekatos
No clue to be honest.

Nightmares -> Dynamic
Dynamic Nightmares certainly sparks interest. It’s something they could possibly add to the Dream City and in reference to “City Content” being nightmares that randomly spawn. Think of the nightmare questline in the zone Eastern Holdings and then imagine you’re in the Dream City and suddenly a section turns ‘nightmarish’ with monsters spawning, Dream People panicking/etc.

Snow Shader For Creatures
Sounds like a game engine design so that any creature that is on the Glaciers terrain will have a ‘snowed’ effect on them like they have been hampered by a layer of snow.

Third Column

Sea of Dreams
Again reinforcing the Plane of Water’s dreams/nightmares theme. I doubt the Sea will be called “Sea of Dreams” when Rift 3.0 ships to Live.

Technical Issues
Aware of technical issues. Improving.

3D Volumes
This is either referring to what we see in the zone The Dendrome with Strongholds being more than ground-level, and the various buildings in the zone which are often several levels high. It could also be referring to an expansion of this feature into Rift 3.0. The various layers of water and the above-water level in the Plane of Water image seems to indicate Trion’s direction.

One level is too little. Having multiple levels expands content without needing vast landscapes.

4 Zones
Probably an indication of how many zones they want to add for Rift 3.0. That does seem rather low compared to Storm Legion – but it doesn’t necessarily mean less content (especially when you include the fact that the Plane of Water has several ‘layers’) and is always subject to change.

3 of these zones have possibly been datamined: Goboro Reef, Draumheim and Tarken Glacier.

“Layers of a Plane”
This is clearly referring to the Plane of Water’s multiple layers as shown in the Plane of Water Image.

Water Volumes as Sculptable Object
No idea what this means. Could potentially be that the Abyssal are able to sculpt statues out of water. Water Statues? That would be interesting. Could also refer to Dimension items.

Dream People
Either the people who reside in Dream City willingly – or – more likely people from various conquered worlds that have been put into eternal slumber with perpetual nightmares to feed the Abyssal (or produce new creatures by having the nightmares manifest into reality).

Change in Combat
This could mean a variety of things. The first ones that come to mind is that there will be something different to the combat system – perhaps to help out with the ‘3D volumes’. Or, perhaps you will be able to change gear or specs in combat! Might be in response to introducing new, longer, continuously-in-combat adventures!

Player Stat Buff?
Looks like this might be the staff trying to weigh up whether players should have another stat buff and gear reset along the same lines as Storm Legion.

Eng Quester
It’s hard to see what this is. Something to do with a Quester is my guess.

3D Rifts
I think this refers to Strongholds. However, Simon did mention in one of the livestreams that there would be 3D Fishing Rifts. Therefore, it’s likely to be just as it describes, Rifts with multiple layers much like Level 62 Strongholds. This should prove easier to implement for Water Rifts when under water.

Interesting to see if they find a logical way of applying this to the other Planes. I.e., what happens if a Fire Rift spawns underwater?

Spawn a beacon
I assume that says ‘beacon’. No clue really. Maybe more group teleport options or another dynamic content you can start up.

Everything in-flux I guess?

Fourth Column

Fourth Column starts off with an image of the Lighthouse.

This image is again expanded upon in a different Livestream.

Whiteboard2The lighthouse was also briefly retired Community Team member Elrar’s avatar on the Rift forums. According to the Plane of Water Image, the Lighthouse acts as a guide to get players from the starting area, Coral Forest, down into the Dream City.

Interestingly the image shows a large fish seemingly above-water. This ‘could’ indicate jumping fish that come out of the water, or just a fun scribble by a team member.

The Lighthouse is clearly half-submerged and it seems to have multiple paths at its base.

The other drawings around the Lighthouse in the image to the left are clearly cross-section brainstorming of the multiple layers/3D Volumes of content for the Plane of Water. The potato-looking images are likely the underground Ice Caverns and Trench that are shown in the Plane of Water Image. Looks to be approximately 5-6 layers.

The stuff on the left is either the staff playing around, or perhaps indicating ‘traps’ in the game. Perhaps you’ll walk on sheets of ice and randomly end up in a dynamic content where you fall down into a cave below, fight some Abyssal, collect loot/find-a-hidden-chest then climb back up to the surface.

Besides Zealot, Plants and possibly Dragons, I can’t make out the other stuff in that column.


So that’s that! Lots of goodies to look forward to in Rift 3.0. It’s sounding like the most ambitious content patch yet for Trion and lots of the stuff revealed is giving me goosebumps.

Want more information on Rift 3.0? Check out the main, continuously-updated page:

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