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nomoremead was given some new Lore by the Trion team recently, this time about the upcoming Level 60 Expert revamp of the old Realm of the Fae dungeon, called Realm of Twisted Dreams.

Realm of Twisted Dreams
A stroke of cosmic unluck has given rise to a nightmarish Realm of the Fae – a dream world where Atrophinius’ deepest fears take on physical form and threaten Telara itself. Chimeric versions of familiar foes now await the Ascended, grinding axes (and teeth and claws) for the twisted battles to come.
Originally Posted by on 26th AUGUST 2013

It seems as though the Realm of Twisted Dreams will be Atrophinius’ Nightmare and you will journey into his subconscious to defeat these foes.

From the article it sounds as though these nightmarish beings could possibly manifest themselves into the ‘real’ world of Telara. Or at least that’s what they’ve made the final boss sound like.

This could be rather interesting, and links up to the ‘Dynamic Nightmare’ events and other indications of the issues of the Plane of Water mentioned in the 3.0 Whiteboard. Remember that as Dead Simon has mentioned before, the Realm of Twisted Dreams dungeon is the first precursor to Rift 3.0 and is therefore related to the Plane of Water.

Perhaps we’ll see more Nightmarish versions of either dungeons (think the revamped Deepstrike Mines) or even open world content (like nightmarish versions of Rifts and planar invasions, for instance; perhaps even new zone events) that lead up to the Ascended deciding to destroy the source of all these Nightmares, which is probably in “Dream City” in the Plane of Water.

Check out more in their full article!

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