Tip of the Day: Nothing is working!


I’ve found I’ve stumbled upon this issue several times – suddenly, no abilities are working at all. You can’t even mount. Nothing.

This usually occurs after trying to interact with something that ends up disappearing whilst I am interacting with it. The most common culprits would be the gathering nodes that appear after you successfully complete a Hailol foothold. Once the foothold ends the nodes will disappear.

If you happen to be mining or foraging one of the nodes when the foothold disappears, you’ll find that you are unable to do anything else. No mount, no abilities.

Simple solution: Log off your character and re-login.

You don’t have to log off your account, just your character.
This also works for the mounting bug from Endless Eclipse where sometimes when you leave the instance you are unable to mount up again until you log off and re-login to your account.

For other issues, you can try typing “/reloadui” into your chat (minus the quotation marks) to see if that works prior to using the ‘log off and back on again’ method.

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