News: Celebration Bonuses are active for the Weekend.

The current connectivity and routing issues plaguing the game have been on everyone’s nerves. Trion have been doing the best they can to fix this. On another note, the recent hotfix to fix an Ascend-a-Friend teleport exploit has resulted in people being unable to join instances that they have already been in (even when doing Randoms which previously would override the single-dungeon queue lock).

To make up for this, Daglar has added in a Celebration Bonus of:

  • +15% Guild Experience;
  • +15% Kill Experience;
  • +15% Prestige Experience;
  • +15% Favor Currency;
  • +15% PA Bonus Experience; and
  • +15% Bonus Zone Event Currency.

This Celebration Bonus will continue throughout the weekend and may even extend a little to next week as well.

Note that although the in-game message states that it is a Subscriber bonus, this current Celebration Bonus applies to everyone. However, he did state that in the future he’ll be looking at adding more Celebration Bonus weekends for Patrons.

Daglar has also disabled the Deserter debuff that you get if you leave an Expert dungeon early as a way to slightly ease the pain of the current issues with Expert Dungeon lockouts.

This has not been a good week so far for Trion; hopefully things get better after next week’s hotfix and hopefully people can concentrate on the upcoming Patch 2.4 (scheduled for some time in September) soon.

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