News: Rift Artwork Posts


Josh York has been posting some of Rift’s artwork over on the Rift Reddit channel.

Check out his IMGUR Album!

Love some of the ‘Funny’ works where the art team fool around a bit!

There’s some new ones I’ve never seen before such as the Architect Queen artwork, although others have been shown either on livestreams or via the massive Concept Art Dump by Sean VanGorder on the Polycount Forums (Warning: Huge post with tons of high-quality artwork. Careful those with old computers/slow internet connections).

I recommend checking them all out. Some pretty amazing stuff. I especially love all the Volan Concept Art and all the various interesting-looking Collosi that ‘could-have-been’.

Kirin Mount Concept Art

Very interested in this picture. Could the woman riding on the Kirin mount be simply concept, or could she be a new race/non-playable clan in, perhaps, the Plane of Water 3.0 content? Could we potentially see new Asian/Oriental robe designs, armor designs/etc? Loving her horns and general design.

Although, I would have assumed an Asian-themed backdrop would be more appropriate for the Plane of Fire. Could she potentially be part of the Chaos Army mentioned in the 3.0 Whiteboard?

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