News: Rift @ PAX Prime


Trion Worlds was at PAX Prime and they were included in the Twitch PAX Prime Livestreams over the first 3 days of PAX Prime. The first day they had Defiance, the second was a general Trion Worlds AMA and the third was a Rift Livestream.

Unfortunately Twitch only gave them a 15min block and it was filled with issues including a ‘dead’ laptop that produced less-than-stellar quality gameplay footage.

Luckily, we were told by Dahanese that this Friday they would have a much clearer run-through of the Infinity Gate raid on their computers which was later confirmed in writing, so look forward to that!


A text summary below:


Tour of Infinity Gate, one of the Tier 2 20-man Raids coming to 2.4 scheduled some time in September. They were showing off the raid with one of the top EU raiding guilds, LEGIT (formerly known as Exploit, and older, pre-merge names such as Special Olympics).

Shows the Infinity Gate Conduit animated in action. The laptop quality is bad, dark quality and Laptop battery dies at some point.

Infinity Gate – 3 phases to the raid.

  • Breaker X1. (this is likely the one with the Architects trash at the start).
  • Twin Brothers – Life and Death bosses. Mordan & Viktus. Raid has to split up into 2 different portions. Different mechanics for each boss.
  • Volan. Some recognizables, others are new mechanics. Jump-pads. Can jump on his back. Several phases of the fight.

To check out what they currently look like, view my previous article on the bosses.

They stated that most of the models are “near-final” which is slightly disappointing because all the bosses are regurgitated models (not even a re-skin).

Breaker X1

During the stream LEGIT has already cleared the Architects trash pack prior to boss summoning. Breaker X1 looks like an Architect Sentinel.

The raid is split into two groups, one in front and one behind him. ‘Fission Burst’ is an AoE damage mechanic where the raid has to split up into two. It seems the AoE makes it so that you have to taunt back and forth between the two groups.

There’s a massive green AoE burst that fills the entire raid encounter at some point. Portals spawn all over the place and adds keep popping whilst the Breaker X1 turns back into his pre-encounter ‘Core’ form.

There’s 5 different portals and only 5 people can go into these portals. The portals teleport the player into the ‘Core’ of Breaker X1 where they will find 3 versions of the Breaker X1’s A.I.
This mechanic happens 3 times during this phase.

Twin Brothers – Mordan and Viktus

Lore about their mother. Rivals. “They do battle with not only you but with each other.”They are both on separate floating islands. One Death with a Death Rift above him, and one Life, with a Life Rift above him.

To access the Islands you first need to clear their respective trash mobs. Once destroyed, two pillars of light will spawn on the left and right that you can teleport into to their respective islands.

Plane of Death Island – The longer you stand on the Death Island (Mordan’s), the more HP will be sapped away from you (for the 10 people there). Stacking debuff.

Plane of Life Island – The longer you stand on the Life Island (Viktus’), the less you can heal. Stacking debuff.

The raid has to therefore switch their 2 groups between the Islands at different points in time. Switching portals will deal damage to you; but the more debuff stacks you have, the less damage it does to you. So you don’t want to switch too early, but obviously not so late that your group wipes due to the debuff stacks.

The siblings will also be dealing damage to each other which you can see as a beam between the two islands. You have to interrupt this however if you don’t want to wipe the raid (although this is not guaranteed). It sounds to me like this means you want to hold off interrupting their damage to each other as long as possible without causing your raid to wipe in order to meet enrage timers.


Besides information on the jump pads and being able to leap on Volan’s back there wasn’t a lot of further information provided as they ran out of time. They did mention there would be several phases, and both new and old mechanics to his fight.


Unfortunate livestream issues in the small 15min block of time they had. According to forum posts it sounds as though they were expecting a lot more time but were squeezed into a 15min block due to all the extra participants that were added into the livestream.

I am quite concerned over the regurgitated models – it’s occured in previous raids as well but those raids had a good amount of new models or reskinned models.

Also concerned about the idea that this only has 3 phases. Technically unless they haven’t mentioned a 4th boss, this raid would only have 3 boss encounters (Mordan and Viktus are a single encounter so like Twins in FT or Progenitor Saetos in EE, they can’t really be counted as 2 boss encounters).

Only 3 boss encounters in a 20-man raid is rather disappointing. I did see 3 summoning Orbs on the PTS for the Infinity Gate encounter, although there was also a ‘connector’ connecting to what looked like a 4th, Orb-less point. My hope is that after defeating the first 3 boss encounters, you’ll gain access to this 4th and final boss encounter. I can already imagine the QQ on the forums by the anti-F2P crowd if there’s only 3 bosses to this raid.

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4 Comments on “News: Rift @ PAX Prime”

  1. jordan
    September 18, 2013 at 8:19 pm #

    i love rift and all, but I would love some bosses that have unique skins


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