News: New “Planar War” lore update

Trion have posted a new “The Planar War” lore update on their community page including two screenshots of the Planebreaker Bastion.


Source: Rift Community page.

Looks like it is going to be just as massive as people assumed it to be.

Interestingly from the lore they’ve provided – it seems that the Blood Storm was almost holding in check their respective Planes. This was previously hinted at by Regulos when he dies where he states that he has been shrouding Telara from the eyes of others and that now that he is dead, greater foes will cast their eyes on Telara.

More below:

For eons, the Architects have toiled to erect a war forge inside the Plane of Earth. Protected by this mighty bastion, their high council oversees the construction of titanic Planebreakers, engines of destruction capable of traversing the elemental realities. Where they go, desolation will follow … and only sand will remain.

So the reason we are going into Planebreaker Bastion as one of the two Tier 2 20-man Raids coming in Patch 2.4 is to destroy the Planebreakers and to destroy the ‘war forge’ inside the Plane of Earth.

Throughout the elemental planes, secret factions stir and scheme. Each plans to assert its dominance over the dragons’ domains, and each will play a role in a new conflict of unparalleled scope.

Telara has survived the Age of Dragons – can it survive the fallout of burned realities? Will it survive the chaos of Planar War?

This just gets me excited. Looks like one of these new secret factions will probably be the Chaos Army referred to in the 3.0 Whiteboard as well as many others.

Looking forward to things to come! Hopefully they introduce a lot of new models with these new ‘secret factions’ and not just quick reskins.

For the full article: Rift Community: The Planar War

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