News: Rift 2.4 – Beyond Infinity Rift Community Article

Trion have posted another Rift Community page today with information on Patch 2.4.

We’ll be traveling through the Infinity Gate to land in the Plane of Earth where the Architects are in order to stop them from releasing their Planebreakers against the other Planes. That will be in the new Tier 2 20-man Raid “Planebreaker Bastion”.

The other Tier 2 20-man Raid “Infinity Gate” will be about trying to open/use the gate and accidentally pulling creatures from the Planes through the Gate to Telara as Uriel and Kira attempt to attune the laser.

Daglar has confirmed that Planebreaker Bastion won’t be released immediately as 2.4 goes live due to extra QA testing. This also allows for a better flow in the lore (since during the Infinity Gate raid you are still trying to find out how to operate it properly).

In any case, summary of what’s listed:

  • Tier 2 20-man Raid Infinity Gate
  • Tier 2 20-man Raid Planebreaker Bastion
  • 5-man Realm of Twisted Dreams Expert Dungeon
  • 2-man Infernal Dawn: Laethys Chronicle (with possible Maklamos Hard-mode version toggle-able)
  • PvP Prestige Rank 90 with new Myrmidon Armor and Weapons
  • Cross-shard Instant Adventure
  • New Hairstyles

Of course, missing from the Community page summary are some of the other stuff mentioned in the 700mb PTS update article. However, that’s to be expected. The Community page patch summary generally doesn’t include everything – just the highlights.

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