PTS News: The Devouring Shadows 2.4 Launch event testing tomorrow

Tomorrow (12th September) at 2pm PDT, you’ll get to test out a Patch 2.4 Launch Event called “The Devouring Shadow”. This testing will last until the next PTS reset.

We need YOU to help us run a PTS event tomorrow at 2 PM PDT!
Hey guys,

Tomorrow we’re testing out a 2.4 launch event on PTS called The Devouring Swarm and we need able bodies to log in and help us out! The test will commence at 2 PM PDT and will include:
– City Siege instant adventures return to Sanctum and Meridian, this time with the Architects
– Architect rifts, invasions and foothold appear in old world zones

Be sure to patch up your PTS client before 2 PM tomorrow – and thanks for helping out!

Originally Posted by DAHANESE on 11th SEPTEMBER 2013

This may explain why there was a 660MB PTS Update today. I couldn’t find anything different besides minor crafting recipe and new synergy crystal price corrections. I assumed it was just updating the artwork/graphics in Planebreaker Bastion but I guess it was – at least partly – to add Architect city siege instance adventures in Sanctum/Meridian and to add all these Architect rifts/invasions/footholds in the old world zones. Still, that doesn’t feel like it would take 660MB. Maybe there’s more stuff like new models for the new raid gear that they haven’t activated on the PTS yet but have allowed you to download it prior to their activation.

In any case, looking forward to test this. I thoroughly enjoyed the addition of City Siege IAs back prior to Storm Legion launch as it really added some kind of ‘oomph’ to Crucia and her Storm Legion.

“The Devouring Shadows” 2.4 launch event will last a total of 1 week.

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