PTS News: Raid Marks Conversion 2

In an update to the “Raid Marks Conversion” article, Daglar has confirmed that the Tier 1 20-man Raid bosses (FT/EE) will drop 400 Empyreal Slayer’s Marks (“ESM”) and the Tier 1 10-man Raid bosses (TDQ) will drop 300 ESMs.

There was no mention on updating the 1:1 conversion of your current Frozen Eclipse Stones (“FES”) into ESMs. As such, for now (unless there are further changes prior to 2.4 hitting), the below still holds:

TL;DR: Buy Tier 1 Raid Gear now if you have the currency.

The overall changes do provide faster gear acquisition for those working towards the Tier 1 gear after the 2.4 conversion depending on your boosts/guild perks (because token boosts/vials apply to ESM, not FES). However, the disadvantage to those who have enough marks to obtain the gear now prior to 2.4 still remains. As such, if you have the marks, go get your gear now.

Tier 2 Raids (including Grim Awakening) will reward Frozen Eclipse Stones and the gear will cost Frozen Eclipse Stones.

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