Livestream Summary: 20th September 2013

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Trion had their Friday Livestream Extravaganza with Community members OverloadUT and Dahanese as well as dungeon/raid devs Cyzo and Havlon just recently (Friday, in fact!). They went over the second upcoming Tier 2 20-man Raid, Planebreaker Bastion.

Click here for a replay of the 20th September Friday Livestream Extravaganza video on


  • Planebreaker Bastion coming October 2nd.
  • Bosses are: Eggtenders, Warden Thrax, Proteus, Krizzix (Mini-boss), Inyr’Kta, Council of Overseers and Planebreaker Abominus.

Below is a summary of all the important things relating to the livestream. As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live. Also note that because they showed off the boss fights with OverloadUT using Dev abilities, there may be other mechanics for the boss encounters that only show up when in a raid.

WARNING: Contains major mechanics spoilers. If you are in a guild that prefers to figure out mechanics for yourselves, please don’t click below!

Planebreaker Bastion


Planebreaker Bastion is about Hive Queen Inyr’Kta looking to build up Planebreaker constructs which are used at the forfront of the Architects’ battles with the Planes. She seeks to wage war on both the Planes and Telara.

The first 3 bosses – Eggtenders, Warden Thrax and Proteus are expected to be easier bosses than the last two, Inyr’Kta and the Council of Oversees + Planebreaker Abominus which are very difficult encounters.

Each boss encounter area has a unique design. There are new weapon models with nice orange lighting vfx although the devs were unsure about any new armor models (those stuff are handled by the art team).



eggtenders1The Eggtenders fight starts off by clicking a weapon rack to gain a Harpoon reactive. Clicking on the Egg in the middle of the encounter and using the reactive will leap-frog you into melee range of the Egg, which will start the encounter.

The encounter room is huge, and you’ll be using the Harpoon reactive quite often to move around the room and navigate mechanics.

Mechanics – Eggtenders

Hatchling adds will spawn throughout the encounter.

Eggtenders – There are a total of 5 Eggtenders (giant worms) that you have to kill in order to defeat the encounter. They can burrow and come back up.

A lot of movement in this fight. Your Harpoon Reactive is used to traverse great distances by targeting an enemy (such as the Eggtenders) and using the harpoon to get to them.

Slam Attack – Does a Slam attack and a Yellow AoE attack.

Has a 360 degree spinning Green Breath attack with both an anti-melee red AoE and a cone AoE where the Breath is.

Melee Mechanic – If nobody is in melee range of an Eggtender, it’ll use a laser-attack on its target that will attack faster and faster.

Massive Eggs Hatching – Architect Eggs will appear that you have to destroy before they can hatch otherwise “everyone dies”. A cast bar will appear that says “Massive Eggs Hatching”. If it reaches completion your raid dies.

The eggs hatch on pedastals throughout the room. They intermittedly ‘Pulse‘. When their Pulse cast completes, they’ll knock you off the pedestal. It was a blue cast so could be interruptible. Did 42k damage to OverloadUT so it’s probably a must-interrupt. Use harpoon to get up to them.


Rewards – Eggtenders

Eggtenders gave 250 Frozen Eclipse Stones (+ 38 bonus).

Chest near exit of the encounter room.
Dropped 6 plat, 85 gold 97 silver.


Devourer Fang Belt” belt.
Plate Warrior.
Armor: 3342
STR: 115
DEX: 69
END: 61
CP: 77


planebreakercorridorNext enter a corridor where you can choose to fight one of two bosses, Proteus or Warden Thrax.

Proteus fight is in an area where the Architects have built a machine to pull creatures from the Planes (similar to Hunt RiftS), kill them, then use their essence to empower the Planebreaker and gather resources out of them. Their most recent attempt to do this was to the Plane of Water. However, this backfired on them as lots of denizens of the Plane of Water have come out to fight them. As such, you’ll see Plane of Water creatures fighting Plane of Earth creatures as you make your way towards Proteus.

The other is the Prison with Warden Thrax. One of Laethys’ old servants, Earthshaper Marus has been recaptured and he would love to have the Ascended come and help him out.

Warden Thrax – Mini-event


Originally Warden Thrax was a gear check but has since been converted into a mechanics-heavy fight.

The Prisoner is Earthshaper Marus who has been captured and forced to work for the Architects.

You first start a mini-event prior to the Warden activating by speaking to Earthshaper Marus.
Once started, a “Warden’s Arrival” castbar will appear and is like Volan’s rage-bar during Tail Phase. Warden Thrax (and thus the actual boss encounter) will appear once the castbar ends.

Mechanics – Warden Thrax Mini-Event

For this mini-event, you’ll need to use ST-healing on Earthshaper Marus to keep him alive whilst Architects spawn and go after him.

Hive Controller – These adds will use mind-control on Earthshaper Marus. You’ll need to ST the mind-controller and make sure not to damage Earthshaper Marus (cause you don’t want him to die). They are easily identifiable since they look like small ranged/magic Architects (like Kaaz’Ra’s Priests) and they have a shield on them.

Once the mini-event is completed and Warden Thrax appears, you’ll no longer need to do the mini-event for that reset. However if you fail during the mini-event, you’ll have to repeat it.

Warden Thrax


Whole fight is about trying to get close to him whilst he does abilities that try to push you away.

The room will continuously change. The pieces on the platform will drop and come back throughout the fight. A lot of Warden Thrax’s abilities have the sole intent of throwing you off the platform (in which case you will die).

Mechanics – Warden Thrax

Disappearing Sections: When sections of the encounter are about to give way, there will be a small yellow AoE to warn you which sections are to fall. Get away from those sections, or else:


Laser Beams: There’s other small yellow AoEs that will start off appearing on random players and will end up turning red with green beams that will shoot out and chase those players.

Tectonic Transference: He will also pump out a very large pulsing AoE with a cast that looks to read “Tectonic Transference”. You’ll have to run out onto the outer circle on one of the sections that hasn’t fallen off or else you’ll be knocked back (and if you happen to get knocked back onto a section of the platform that has disappeared, you’ll die).

360 Cone Attack: There’s also a large conal attack he channels that spins around the room similar to Zilas’ laser. If you get hit, you’ll get knocked off the platform.

Spread-out Mechanic: Another ability is one that connects players. Anyone who is in-between these two players starts taking damage rapidly (kind of like Maklamos’ colored beams mechanic in Infernal Dawn). So don’t bunch up.

Spokes Mechanic Sub-50%: Once he takes enough damage (looks like 50% hp) he replaces his big AoE that knocks you back and instead forces you to run onto the spokes (the rods/connectors of the platforms). He will cast beams onto random spokes and you have to jump up to avoid taking damage from them when they hit your spoke. There’s a small window of warning where the beams aren’t as intense for your to jump up before they turn deadly.


Rewards – Warden Thrax

Awards 250 Frozen Eclipse Stones (+38 bonus).
No information on Loot as OverloadUT did not loot his corpse.



Proteus’ chamber is a large chamber with a Water Rift-graphics in the middle. It has many Stakes surrounding the room.

Mechanics – Proteus

Proteus: Proteus himself doesn’t do much. He just chases one person around via emote “Proteus fixates on playername. Run!”. If he reaches you, he’ll eat and kill you. If he manages to eat someone, he’ll permanently move faster. As such, the more fails, the faster you’ll wipe.

Quicksilver Construct Add: Killing a large Architect Sentinel-like add (called Quicksilver Construct) will drop an AoE field that gives you a substantial runspeed boost.

Planar Hunters Add: The Planar Hunters (normal Architect mobs) when killed will drop Adamantine Harpoons that you can use to shoot Proteus with via a Reactive, similar to Eggtenders.

Stakes: There are Stakes in the room (objects with small orange AoE around them) that you attach your Adamantine Harpoons to after you’ve attached it onto Proteus. Once all Stakes have been attached to Proteus he will be stunned – only then will he be damageable.

To attach a Harpoon to Proteus – use the reactive whilst having him targeted. To attach the other end to a Stake, just run behind the Stake. Note there’s a cast-bar that is likely a timer so that if you don’t attach the two ends of the Harpoon fast enough, you’ll lose the Harpoon reactive.

Tentacles: There’s two types of Tentacles like with Akylios in Hammerknell Fortress. There’s the melee ones (the slashers) that seem to knock people back and damage them (dangerous if end up knocking back into Proteus) and ones that shoot out a green ranged missile (the stingers).

Crystals: There are also crystals with an AoE around them. The devs have left the players to find out what the Tentacles and Crystals do, but Cyzo did mention ‘Frozen’ when briefly mentioning the Crystals – so it could be that you gain stacks of freezing, and eventually Freeze up (which would be deadly for the fight). Unsure though.

Rewards – Proteus

Drops 250 Frozen Eclipse Stones (+38 bonus).
Again, OverloadUT didn’t loot Proteus’ corpse, so no loot shown.

Krizzix – Mini-boss


Mini-boss Krizzix is the gate-keeper to the inner chambers where Inyr’Kta, the Council of Overseers and Planebreaker Abominus reside.

Mechanics – Krizzix

Cleave: Krizzix Cleaves.

Wave Projectile: Krizzix throws a projectile at a corner of the room that splits into three waves that you have to dodge. Seems to include the ‘middle sides’ as well.

Bombs: When he gets to lower health, he’ll start dropping bombs randomly throughout the room.

Rewards – Krizzix

Drops 200 Frozen Eclipse Stones (+31 bonus).


Dropped Slinkers of the Stormgate.
Rogue Leather Boots
Armor: 3193
STR: 73
DEX: 104
END: 69
AP: 50



Pyrophoric Knuckles.
Rogue Ring
STR: 59
DEX: 100
END: 65
AP: 41
Resist All: 227
HIT: 78



Inyr’Kta is the Queen of the Architects – well, at least for this major Hive. She wants to wage war on the Planes and Telara and thus is at Planebreaker Bastion to oversee the construction of the Planebreaker Constructs.

Mechanics – Inyr’Kta

Reactive Ability: Temp-ability. Gives you damage over time – increasing damage over time. Once the reactive is used you’ll be cleansed, however, it’ll place a yellow crystal AoE that will deal a ton of damage once ‘activated’ (short time after it spawns, the AoE will become a whirlwind) and also slow anyone in it. She does this quite often so your fight-space will rapidly get smaller.

Earthen Fissure: Inyr’Kta will also spawn multiple Earthen Fissures. Will deal a ton of damage to everyone when they explode and root people in place. Although not mentioned, OverloadUT was able to target them and they had HP – so perhaps you can prevent the damage and rooting by dpsing them down before they explode.

At 70% hp or so, Inyr’Kta will turn into a swirling mass of sparkly rocks.

Waves of Lasers: At that point, adds will appear and you’ll see these ‘waves of lasers’ move across the platform. Basically you need to find the ‘gap’ or you will die to the lasers.


This is where placing those shards that you drop from the cleansing reactive in appropriate positions becomes vital because depending on how you place them, your raid could end up being unable to get through each wave of lasers  without taking considerable damage walking through the dropped shard AoE’s.

As the fight progresses, you’ll have more and more AoE shards dropped by players and the ‘waves of lasers’ will begin to spawn in different directions at the same time. Even all 4 directions.

Adds will also spawn during the ‘waves of lasers’ phases.

It can get pretty hectic.

Rewards – Inyr’Kta

Drops 250 Frozen Eclipse Stones (+38 bonus).


Dropped Bugstomp Legwraps.
Legs; Leather; Rogue
Armor: 4790
STR: 105
DEX: 139
END: 101
AP: 46



Inyr’Kta’s Command.
Totem; OH; Cleric
WIS: 112
INT: 97
END: 89
SP: 1078
HIT: 78

After defeating Inyr’Kta, a teleporter will spawn on the edge of the encounter that will teleport you up to Planebreaker Abominus’ Core where you’ll briefly fight a pack of adds before teleporting up again.


Council of Overseers and Planebreaker Abominus


There are three Overseers: Ix’ior, Zor’zyx and Tor’krik. You will start on a platform with a teleporter. Each time you use the teleporter to jump to a platform near Planebreaker Abominus’ head, you’ll find a different, random Overseer (one of 3). Each have their own abilities, and others are shared.

As they get lower in health, they start unlocking more abilities. However as they get lower in health, you’ll need to jump/teleport and fight the other Overseers. As you get them to about 1/3rd hp, it’ll trigger a ‘swap’ where he’ll run to the middle of the platform and call for Planebreaker Abominus to nuke the platform.

You’ll get a buff that allows you to jump. You’ll leap over to another platform and fight another member of the Council.

If you stay on the platform, Planebreaker Abominus will nuke you. However, your corpse will be teleported to whichever platform your raid ends up in so you can still be ressed.

Once you bring all 3 Overseers down to approx. 30% hp, you’ll have to fight them again. Do this for a total of 3 fights per platform. On the second time you fight them, they’ll each gain one new ability and they’ll start off with lower hp. The third time you fight them is a repeat of the second time.

But it isn’t over after that. Once you finally start fighting Planebreaker Abominus, you’ll have to deal with ghostly versions of the Overseers. It’s random how many of them he’ll summon at any point in time. So you could be fighting all 3 Overseers at the same time.

Below is a break-down of each Overseer.



Magical Energy: Emotes “Ix’ior prepares to hurl a blast of magical energy at PlayerName.” Need to reflect this like Laethys’ Flare in Infernal Dawn.

Gravity: Another ability is “Ixior forces gravity near PlayerName to greatly increase!” – This is a stacking ability where the gravity AoE pulses and shrinks over time. Damage needs to be shared and as the AoE gets smaller, the damage increases. This is a shared ability amongst the Overseers.

Ix’ior’s Breath: There’s also an “Ix’ior chants an incantation while gazing upon PlayerName” that is like a typical stationary breath attack where a conal attack is aimed at wherever the player was at the time of the emote.

Round #2 and #3 – Ix’ior

Once you drop your last overseer 30% hp, you’ll go back to your first Overseer, in this case Ix’ior who is now at 75% hp.

Unstable Shard + Gravity Bomb: He gains two new abilities. Every so often he’ll summon a giant Unstable Shard on the platform that will deal pulsing damage to everyone. Whilst it is pulsing damage it will also cast another ability that makes a Gravity Bomb appear in the air that will start falling after a couple of seconds. Everyone has to Line of Sight that Gravity Bomb to survive.

Thus you will have to hide behind the Unstable Shard whilst it is pulsing damage and dps it down, but also Line of Sight the Gravity Bomb (the orb that is glowing-blue) until it hits the platform and disappears. Only then can you destroy the Unstable Shard so it no longer deals damage to your raid.

I.e., you need to make sure you are dealing sufficient damage to the Unstable Shard so that it is not going to wreck havoc on your raid, but you also need to make sure not to destroy it before the Gravity Bomb hits the platform or else your raid wipes.



Caster. Doesn’t move around a lot.

Spread Bolts: Shoots bolts that will jump around the players – spread out.

Spread No.2: Another spread out mechanic. Not really mentioned in large.

Waves: Lower in health, he’ll shoot out projectiles that’ll explode at a person’s location and like the Mini-boss Krizzix, will split waves out from that location.

Interrupt Mechanic: Also has an interrupt mechanic that will silence everyone if you let it go off.

Round #2 and #3 – Zor’zyx

Earthquake: Emotes “Zor’zyx Summons the power of an earthquake at PlayerName’s location!” Seems to be an AoE ability. Wasn’t explained further.



The “tank of the bunch” of Overseers. Does a LOT of damage to the tank.

Hammerfist Blow: really big attack on the tank.

Fractured Diamond Elemental: He’ll occasionally summon a portal to one of the areas of the platform and it will summon a Fractured Diamond Elemental add. These adds will move towards Tor’krik and he’ll shatter the add. It’ll do huge damage (often a raid wipe) and it gives him a buff called Diamond Dust Shield that reduces damage taken by 20% per application (so likely can stack).
Stays on him the rest of the fight.

Tank Swap: Has a tank swap. If you let the debuff build up, it’ll stun you and take your Toughness to 0.

Round #2 and #3 – Tor’krik

Crystals: Channel that puts a Crystal on everyone’s location. He puts 3 crystals down each time he channels this ability so you have to keep moving, you can’t stop. If you are too close to these pulsing AoE crystals, you’ll die as they explode. If you are far away from them though, you’ll just take a lot of damage (but won’t die, depending on heals). Very healer-intensive.

Planebreaker Abominus

After you finally kill the last Overseer, Planebreaker Abominus will destroy the Platform entirely.


Planebreaker Abominus starts fighting you after you kill all the Overseers. He only fights with his head, and the main concern is in fact ghosts of the Overseers.

Mechanics – Planebreaker Abominus

Eye-laser Auto-attack: He’ll randomly shoot at you with his eye-lasers that don’t deal much damage.

Eye-laser Channel: Abominus will cast a small red ground-AoE bubble to signify the damage his eye-lasers does which will move around.


Ghosts of the Overseers: The ghosts of the Overseers are just like the Overseers and have all of their abilities. They’ll randomly be summoned by Abominus either individually, two, or even all three at the same time.

Abominus Drones: These adds will spawn that deal damage, as well as a cleave.

Projectiles: Once Planebreaker Abominus has summoned 4 Abominus Drones, he’ll do a big AoE attack which will try to fire a bunch of projectiles at various people. Only way to protect yourself against it is to go to Crystals that Abominus Drones will drop when they die that will protect 5 people, and no more.

Thus you’ll need to down all 4 Abominus Drones and split up into groups of 5 in order to protect all 20 members of your raid.

Blue AoE Rings: Planebreaker Abominus will also drop these blue AoE rings on the platform. If you enter these rings, it’ll do more and more damage to you over time, and the AoE will get bigger and bigger.

Remember whilst all of this is going on, the Overseers will be spawning and you will have to deal with their mechanics on top of all of Planebreaker’s own mechanics. Can get hectic.


Fun times. Still find it interesting that Trion are starting to tell people almost all the mechanics of these Tier 2 raids (including Infinity Gate). Wonder what their approach is – make it more accessible to more players? Usually one or two hardcore guilds will post guides a week or two after they are cleared by a decent amount of the hardcore scene.

Still, very interesting fights – would love to see how the raiders fare, especially since it was hinted that some mechanics (especially on Proteus) would only show up in a raid (i.e., with more than one player present).

Once again, this comes out 2nd October.

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