News: New Conqueror Achievement Rewards

Trion have updated Rift with new Conqueror Achievements and rewards that were missing in the 2.4 Patch.


The main one is the Infinity Gate conqueror achievement reward called “Infinity Gate Conqeuror’s Treasure Box. This contains:

  • Infinity Gate Dodecahedron
  • Infinity Gate Ring
  • Slow Infinity Gate Dedocahedron
  • Slow Infinity Gate Ring
  • Stationary Infinity Gate Cube
  • Stationary Infinity Gate Dodecahedron
  • Stationary Infinity Gate Ring

Those would of course be the Infinity Gate Conduit’s models. So this seems to be a decent-sized Dimension items bonanza. Note that given there’s a limited number of these items – either you’d have to ask your guildmates to give you theirs in order to create a complete Infinity Gate Conduit/Gate; or, you would need to use the Trophies section of the Cash Shop to purchase multiples of this box (They cost 225 Credits in the Trophies section; note you’ll have to obtain the Achieve first).

Interested to see whether you could ‘sell’ these to others by placing them in their dimension. If I recall correctly, they recently made it so that any items that drop into your dimension – even if bind-on-pickup or bind-on-account by someone else – would be moveable by the dimension owner.

The other new Conqueror Achievement Reward is the Realm of Twisted Dreams Conqueror achieve that gives you a pet, Sneeps which is an orange/autumn/roasted shambler:


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