News: PvP ‘God Mode’ Bug and Merc to Favor

For those wondering what in the world happened today with what was apparently a server crash; this was in fact an intended server reset to resolve an issue that caused some players to be in ‘god mode’ where they hardly took any damage and seemingly had unlimited hp.

Basically with the introduction of the ability to convert Mercenary gear to Favor with SHIFT+Right-Click (whilst having Inventory window open), there appeared some sort of a bug that made players who converted their gear, then bought new gear to double-up (or more) in stats.

The ‘God Mode’ has since been fixed and a server reset has forced those with the ‘god mode’ to be reverted to normal.

However, Daglar has disabled the Mercenary gear-to-Favor conversion for today as this was causing the ‘god mode’ and they are hoping to get a further fix in by tomorrow so they can re-enable the conversion.

‘God Mode’ Issue
he patch note for consume wasn’t in the patch notes due to an entire build worth of release notes not making their way to Morgana’s desk. That is being fixed right now.

The consume was live this-morning, however we identified that the method of implementation was actually allowing the “god mode” in warfronts that people were reporting. As such we’ve turned off the consume for today – and hope to have a release tomorrow that corrects the issue.

~Daglar Originally Posted by DAGLAR on 25th SEPTEMBER 2013

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One Comment on “News: PvP ‘God Mode’ Bug and Merc to Favor”

  1. September 26, 2013 at 10:52 am #

    There will be always a god mode because they dont know to fix unbalance in pVP. They dont know.

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