News: RIFT 2.4 Hotfix #2 Round 2

CM Morgana has updated RIFT 2.4 Hotfix #2 with a couple of lines that were missing from the previous notes.

Below is the updated notes with the extra lines in Maroon so they can be easily identified to those who have read the previous version of these notes.

RIFT 2.4 Hot Fix #2 (Extra Notes) – 25/9/13

* Players with low video settings can no longer accidentally walk through solid objects.
* The transparency on some in-game objects has been fixed.
* Fixed an issue that caused some players to be unable to view their wardrobe.
* Previewing glass objects in the RIFT Store no longer sometimes causes visual artifacts.
* Fixed an issue that allowed movement during some stun effects. Hold still!
* The ground-effect targeting reticle will now be more visible on transparent surfaces.
* Players should no longer be occasionally locked out of their own random LFD instances.
* Fixed a bug that could (rarely) send players clicking on the “Return to Graveyard” button to the Plane of Water! (This was less exciting than it sounds, because they’d crash due to not having patched the map yet…)
* For the select few users that have completed the achievement “Patience is a Virtue”, you now have a new option! Under Interface > Display there is a new checkbox that allows you to set your character portrait frame as the rare mob diamond.*

* 2.4 Achievement rewards are now available in the Trophy section of the store. Note that you must have the achievement before you can purchase the items.
* Fixed an issue with a few items in the trophy section erroneously being unique!
* Players with Storm Legion Souls can once again purchase these items as gifts for their friends who don’t yet have the Storm Legion Souls.

* Corpse Explosion: A target can now have no more than 3 stacks of Corpse Explosion on them from all enemies total.
* Corpse Pile: Now causes Corpse Explosion to deal an additional 25/50% of its damage over 6 seconds to enemies it hits.

* T’Scain’s Glowing Bladedancer Crystal: Effect now lasts 24s instead of 21s.

* Twin Cuts: The bleed portion of this ability now benefits from damage modifications.
* Cutting Slash: The bleed portion of this ability now benefits from damage modifications.

* Savage Sweep: The bleed portion of this ability now benefits from damage modifications.

* Light’s Balm: Can now crit.
* Light’s Blessing: Can now crit.

* All Reaver Corruptions are now off GCD.

* Flurry: Now a 3s channeled ability, down from 6s. Total damage has been reduced. Awards 1 Attack Point every second.
* Run like the Wind: Now also increases passive movement speed by 2-6%.
* Predictable Movements: No longer a Finisher. Causes the next 3 melee ability attacks to be reflected back against the attacker.
* Open the Stream: The bleed portion of this ability now benefits from damage modifications.

* Tactical Advantage: Now works correctly.
* Battlefield Medic: Can now crit.

* The Water Saga quests Joining the Cabal and Initiation should now function correctly for the assault on the Wardstone.

* The minimum level required for Ember Isle quests has been reduced to 48.

* Quest: Assistance for Granite Falls: Now correctly teleports characters to Coterie Camp.
* Quest: Lights Out: This quest is no longer repeatable and now properly rewards coin and XP.*
* Quest: Troll Bait: This quest is once again available in The Last Valley.*

* The Blackstorm Vangaurds during the Hot Lead, Cold Steel event should no longer get stuck in the roof.

* Fixed an issue that could cause Maklamos’s Doom to root both players.
* The item rewards for completing Monitron On for the first time have been moved to the The Golden Worm instead.
* Fixed an issue that could cause players outside Laethys’s chamber to trigger a fight reset.

* Players now have a Leaderboard entry for the Infinity Gate raid.
* Added a new achievement, Rapid Assault: Infinity Gate, for players who complete the instance within 32 minutes of activating the gate.

* Added a new achievement, Conqueror: Infinity Gate, for completing all achievements in the raid, which grants a Infinity Gate Conqueror’s Treasure Box upon completion.
* Morban/Viktus: Trash mobs for the life and death pulls now correctly aggro as a group.
* Mordan/Viktus: The trash mobs before this fight no longer respawns.
* Volan: No longer spams broadcasts.

* Greenscale: Players who successfully became roasted, tenderized and seasoned will now be properly granted the achievement The Perfect Dish.
* Greenscale: Pets will now correctly be able to attack Greenscale after he lands.
* The jump puzzle reward, Definitely Not A Sinister Companion, is now Bind to Account.
* Earning the achievement Conqueror: Realm of Twisted Dreams now grants Companion Pet: Sneeps.
* Fixed an issue that would cause players to not obtain the LFD cooldown upon entering the instance via the LFD system.

* Quest: Storm the Estate: Now only requires one wave of enemy troops to be defeated defeated before completion.

* Set 6 Armor/Weapons can now be Shift-Right Click and consumed to return the amount of Favor it would have cost to purchase them.
– Note: Your inventory screen will need to be open when consuming these items.
* Fixed an issue causing bolstering to grant more Valor for rings and essences for players wearing lower ranked gear than the Freelancer’s set.

* The new augment recipes can be found rarely in expert dungeons as well as strongholds.
* The new Epic cape recipes are now significantly more common, and the Relic recipes are now slightly more common.

* Recently learned crafting recipes will no longer show in the Store and properly show as learned without having to relog.

* Frozen Eclipse Stone drop rates for Tier 1 raid bosses have been corrected.
* Reinforced Aggressor’s Exalted Parrying Dagger is no longer Unique equip.
* Dendrome Raider’s Power Cell now has an Empreal Slayer’s Mark cost as well as a Credit cost and can be purchased from the Rift Store.
* Raid 2 Chloromancer trinket upgrade paths have received the ability upgrades that the cleric trinket set did:
– Prophet of the Bleeding Tree
– The Screams of the Rising Wind
– Light of the Infinite Firmaments
* The Survivor Hood can now be worn in a Wardrobe slot by all classes.
* Added reward package for new Infinity Gate conqueror achievement.
* Added appropriate icon to Snizzip pet.
* The few potions whose stack sizes were less than 99 have had their stack sizes increased to 99.
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 25th SEPTEMBER 2013

Quite a few new additions to the patchnotes. Most notably, the old Mercenary PvP gear is now convertible to Favor as promised with a simple SHIFT+Right Click (rather than a recipe, thank goodness) as well as craft recipe drops being fixed (i.e., augment recipes no longer only dropping from SHs).

And of course, the achievement Character Portrait addition that Simon promised. Looks sweet, and should be able to be combined with Elite/Raid portraits!


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