News: Mayhem in Mathosia Event (October)

Trion have planned another Mayhem in Mathosia event starting October 5th. This will have 4 phases and will rapidly change between zones over the course of a week.

Autumn Harvest World Event will follow shortly after this third Mayhem in Mathosia event and Tacitus have stated that the “Devouring Swarm” 1-week event that was supposed to arrive when 2.4 launched (but was temporarily removed due to mob issues) will have to be postponed until some time after Autumn Harvest (so, around early November). Source.

Mayhem in Mathosia: October Schedule

Phase 1: Friday, Oct. 4 – Saturday, Oct. 5 – Silverwood / Freemarch
Phase 2: Sunday, Oct. 6 – Monday, Oct. 7 – Gloamwood / Stonefield
Phase 3: Tuesday, Oct. 8 – Wednesday, Oct. 9 – Scarlet Gorge / Scarwood Reach
Phase 4: Thursday, Oct. 10 – Saturday, Oct. 12 – Moonshade Highlands / Droughtlands
Originally Posted by RIFT TEAM on 27th SEPTEMBER 2013

Check out the above link for full information as well as commentary from Lead Content Designer – Mike Daugherty about Trion’s Event Design philosophy for Rift from launch to 2.4.

Further information about the event below:

Mayhem in Mathosia – Specifics

– October’s Mayhem in Mathosia will be a limited-duration World Event. During a week-long period, currency and reward bonuses will apply to a pair of zones just like the old Mayhem events, but the zone pairings will shift every two days.

– A new set of rewards, including new mounts, pets, achievements, titles, costume items, and consumables will be available with each phase. The World Event interface will also communicate when these phase changes occur and which rewards are currently featured.

– This event will introduce temporary quests that challenge players to complete objectives before the next phase change. The first twenty or so players (we’re still hammering out the final numbers) who complete these quests will also earn a special achievement and reward.

– A new, unique zone event will begin appearing in the final phase and offer new achievements, titles, and even more chances at Hellbug mounts and pets.

Originally Posted by RIFT TEAM on 27th SEPTEMBER 2013

Very interesting to see new mounts/pets/achievements/titles/costume items and consumables being available at each phase. I’m hoping these are indeed new and not ‘new’ (as in, same old).

As they mentioned in a previous livestream, they’re adding this event to the World Event interface which means that hopefully more than handful of forum-goers will actually know that this event is happening.

The first-twenty quests will really rile up the competition and get people participating.

Can’t wait for this event to start, and for Autumn Harvest soon after! (click here for some pics/info on some of the stuff coming in this year’s Autumn Harvest!)

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