PTS News: New 242MB Update for Mayhem + Cash Shop


There’s a new 242MB patch on the Public Test Shard!


  • New /victory Dance.
  • New 1h/2h Weapon Wardrobe Swords/Katanas called Wind/Storm Edge.
  • New Shadow Assassin Costume Bundle.
  • Tons of Mayhem World Event-related Achievements including a ‘Flambro’ hellbug companion pet.

There may be other stuff like Autumn Harvest World Event pre-loading; but it seems the above are the main things added, plus most likely the Mayhem in Mathosia World Event (Oct 4th – Oct 12th) preloading.

P.S. – Dummy Foundry is back up!

Check below for more details and pics:

Note: All Cash Shop Prices have the Patron 10% Discount included.

Victory Dance


A new /victory Dance is up on the PTS Cash Shop. It costs 360 Credits (400 for non-Patrons) and allows you to perform a Victory Dance by typing “/victory” in the in-game chat window. Click here for a Vine on what the dance looks like.

This is the first new dance as part of the ‘more emotes, more dances’ that Trion are looking to add to the game.

Wind/Storm Edge Weapons


1hweaponkatanasClick the above image for a larger view of the 1-handers Wind Edge and Storm Edge as well as their Silver counterparts. They look like Katanas which would fit well with the whole Ninja-theme they have going with the Shadow Assassin costume bundle. Correct me if I’m wrong though, I have no clue when it comes to swords. These cost 360 Credits (400 for non-Patrons) each, and as a reminder, they require a Transfiguration Bauble which costs 180 Credits (200 for non-Patrons).

You’ll only need to purchase one of them for each look as you can use the same item multiple times for Transfiguration (although you’ll need two Baubles if you want to dual-wield).


2hweaponkatanasAgain, click the above image for a larger view. This is the 2-hander versions of the Wind and Storm Edges with their Silver counterparts. They cost 675 Credits (750 for non-Patrons) each.

All the Wind/Storm Edges can be found under Cash Shop -> Wardrobe -> Weapons -> Novelty.

Shadow Assassin Costume Bundle


As was mentioned in the 6th September Livestream where they included a variety of information about this year’s Autumn Harvest Event, they’ve added the Shadow Assassin Bundle to the Cash Shop under the main Wardrobe category.


They cost 1,606 Credits (1,784 Credits for non-Patrons) and provide you with the complete set – Boots, Cowl, Garb, Gloves and Leggings.

This is the Black edition. According to the 6th September Livestream, there will be a Limited Edition White edition as well.

How will they do the Limited Edition? Who knows. Perhaps it will be a first come first serve-type deal like they do with their “Limited Supply 200/200” Transcendent Boosts and Skill Spheres where only 200 are put up for sale on the Cash Shop Front Page on each shard.

Mayhem World Event

There’s been two Mayhem World Events as well as a third one starting this Friday, October 4th (and ending Oct 12th). More info about the upcoming event at the Community page.

Below are a ton of achievements added (or moved around).

Unnatural Speciation Achievements


The above are available under Achievements -> Planes -> Fire. An “Unnatural Speciation” zone event that sounds like a proper Hellbug zone event (perhaps with Invasions too and an end-boss!). Remember that they’ll have special Lavender Hellbug Mounts and Companion Pets available to be earned (as well as Sapphire Ki Rin mounts and other stuff) during this event!

Lord of Mayhem Achievement


Lord of Mayhem Achievement found under Achievements -> World Events. This rewards you with a Flambro Companion Pet (an orange Hellbug companion pet). Odd wording on the achievement because it says to complete weekly Mayhem quests 20 times – unless the weeklies are in fact Repeatables and not Weeklies; this would mean you’d have to participate in 20 separate Mayhem World Events which will probably take some time.

Mayhem (first 25 players) Achievements


Other Achievements shown below have the above reward – Crucia’s Supply Crate which is the Supply Crates available in the Cash Shop that gives you a chance at weapon wardrobe items, random gear, boosts, runes and even a Ki Rin mount.

These are “first 25 players” achieves so for all you Achievement Hunters out there – these have points so if you want to get that advantage over other Achievement Hunters – get these achieves!


Other Mayhem Achievements


Other achievements in the World Events category relating to Mayhem World Events. Some of these include titles and have been available before in previous Mayhem World Events.

This time – unlike the past two – the Mayhem World Event will be an actual World Event with World Event Tracker and everything and will last for a week between October 4th and October 12th so look forward to that!

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