PTS News: New Gloamwood Dimension!

deepwood cottage1

A new Dimension called “Deepwood Cottage” based in the zone of Gloamwood has been added to the PTS and Kiwimidget on Dimension up on PTS!

This dimension is huuuggee and doesn’t just include the Cottage itself.The Dimension covers:

  • Deepwood Cottage building – Ground floor, Upper floor, balconies and Basement.
  • Hidden Cave underneath Deepwood Cottage.
  • Stonehenge-like Passageway and secondary hill.
  • The Lake.
  • Hidden Cave underneath the Lake.

It’s really big. Unfortunately its massive size is overshadowed by its low max Capacity for Dimension Item Count at 1,200 Capacity.

This Dimension will likely come out some time around or during the Autumn Harvest World Event coming some time in October.

Check out Kiwimidget’s video tour of the new dimension on her blog Rift Dream Dimensions (and check out some of her other posts related to all things Dimensions whilst you’re there!)

I’ve also added a few screenies covering the place below:

Deepwood Cottage (from the second hill)


Second Hill


Hidden Cave underneath Deepwood Cottage


Deepwood Cottage Interior


Deepwood Cottage Basement


Lakeside View


Lake Underwater Cave



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2 Comments on “PTS News: New Gloamwood Dimension!”

  1. October 3, 2013 at 7:19 am #

    This is just awesome 😀


  1. RiftGrate | News: Autumn Harvest announced for 17th October - October 9, 2013

    […] Gloamwood Dimension + Dimension Items. […]

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