PTS News: Autumn Harvest Goodies


Autumn Harvest is fast approaching and the Cash Shop has been updated with new Autumn Harvest goodies on the PTS! These are buyable with either Autumn Harvest currency (Autumn Harvest Signets and Autumn Harvest Ambersaps) or with Credits.


  • 6 new Disguise 5min Potions. Hag/Mutant/Broom/Goblin/Ghoul/Shaper/Tree.
  • Jack o’Pumpkin Masks (4) + Flyswatter weapons.
  • New +53 Hit Rings.
  • New Essences.
  • Random Discarded Puppet: Fae and Random Discarded Puppet: Nobles Chests with companion pets.
  • New Meta Achieves.

Although not confirmed, with the current Mayhem in Mathosia world event ending on 13th October; the Autumn Harvest event should be starting shortly after – perhaps straight after, a week after – unknown at this point but should be beginning in October.

Update: 15th October 2013
Note that there have been price adjustments since this post was made. The +53 HIT Rings are now +63 with better stats, and the Essences have also had stat adjustments.Click here for updated information!

More information and screenshots below:

Disguise Potions


These are available via Autumn Harvest Signets and Autumn Harvest Ambersaps available to gain during the Autumn Harvest World Event. Some of you may have extras stored up from last year’s event.

Ignore the 25x Random Autumn Harvest Potions’ apparent ‘weird’ pricing. I think that’s just a placeholder to help test out the content as the 25x seems to be the best deal.

The Random Autumn Harvest Potions gives a random number of one-time consumable Potion versions of the permanent Serums much like Carnival’s Fireworks bundles. I’ve tested a few of the Purple/Epic 100x Random Autumn Harvest Potions but I wasn’t able to obtain anything other than the potions (i.e., unlike the random Fireworks bundles, I don’t think you get a chance at a permanent Serum. I could be wrong though).

Potions (Consumable) and Serums (Permanent) are on a 15min CD and the disguises last for 5mins. These can all be used in Combat with combat animations attached.autumnharvestpotionsmodels2

Jack o’Lantern Masks + Flyswatter


The Jack o’Lantern Masks shown in previous livestreams and media releases. The Cash Shop didn’t include the many, many other Masks shown in this picture here. Perhaps they’ll be either added in later, or are available via quests/other means.

There’s also a new 1-hander Sand-Worn Architect Terminator weapon item that looks like a giant fly-swatter.


New +53 Hit Rings


There are new +53 Hit Rings available for Autumn Harvest. They cost 10 Autumn Harvest Signets and 2,000 Autumn Harvest Ambersaps which seems rather steep – although those who participated in the world event last year should technically have around 15 Signets and 3k+ Ambersaps (depending on what they did or did not buy last year).

They’ll certainly be a help for those unlucky enough not to get +53 HIT rings although the Summerfest rings were +65 HIT so these aren’t as interesting. They are also missing their secondary Stat.


New Essences


There’s also new Essences, two per class (except Mages who get one, cause you don’t have a tank soul!). They aren’t Venerated-level. They have higher resist than Glorified essences and are better than at least some of the essences (like the spell crit stuff).

Could prove useful, although their cost probably means you’d rather take a Ring for the HIT as obtaining Venerated Essences doesn’t require RNG whilst getting 2x +53 HIT rings ready for Tier 2 raids does.


Discarded Puppets


A new range of Puppets are available. There’s quite a few and I don’t think I was able to obtain all of them. These are random chests that provides a random Companion Pet which is an NPC with an oversized head – similar to the ones you see in Hailol’s Puppet Show.

The Random Discarded Puppet: Fae chestbox gives you a random Companion Pet that is available from the Hailol Puppet Show whilst the Discarded Puppet: Nobles tends to be just random mobs/NPCs from the open world.

A couple of the available puppets shown below:


New Meta Achieves

New Meta Achieves for the Autumn Harvest. Also tells you which Random Discarded Puppet chestboxes give which Puppets.


Look forward to Autumn Harvest, coming to Rift at some point in time! 😀


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