News: RIFT 2.4 Hotfix #5

Trion will be updating RIFT with RIFT 2.4 Hotfix #5 at 8am PDT (server time).

RIFT 2.4 Hotfix #5

* Some of the new Mayhem achievements have had their scores reduced to zero.
* Fixed projected textures on compatibility renderer when Pixel Granularity is set below 100.
* Implemented a possible improvement for some users experiencing extreme stuttering and FPS drops. However, we continue to gather information and investigate this issue.
* Notoriety rewards have been increased by 25% for numerous sources, including Daily Quests, Weekly Quests, Instant Adventures, Crafting Quests, and completing RIFT stages. This affects the following factions:
– Qaijiri
– Caretakers
– Eternal City Survivors
– Hailol
– Achyati
– Lycini
– Torvan Hunters
– Empyreal Alliance
* The achievements associated with Mayhem weekly quests have been moved into the Legacy category.
* Text nameplates will no longer show through solid objects with the Low-Quuality Renderer and Pixel Granularity enabled.

* Quest: Infinite Readings, Readins from theN Beyond: The objective to analyze the Infinity Gate has been moved away from the entrance to Planebreaker Bastion.

* Matriarch of Pestilence
– Now obtains slightly less healing from Corpse Devourerers.
– Unholy Anguish now scales at a slower rate.
– Wrack damage has been slightly lowered.
– Increased the damage boost from Dark Matter.

* Twin Giants
– Removed the tank swap mechanic.
– Very slightly reduced the damage of tank attacks.
– Reduced the damage of Devastating Shock.
– Reduced the damage of Electric Field.

* Breaker X-1
– Upon the boss’ reset, the debuffs that prevent players from re-entering the core will now be removed.
– Adds should no longer target players who have Kinetic Distortion for Ambersap Spray.

* Inyr’Kta:
– Earthern Fissures are now immune to banishing effects.
* Proteus:
– Added a very short use time to the harpoons.
* Warden Thrax:
– Death avoidance abilities, such as Chimera’s Gift and No Permission to Die, will no longer allow players to survive Execution.
– The lasers during the Greater Techtronic Transference will no longer be cast outside of the channel effect.
– The lasers during the Greater Techtronic Transference no longer trigger twice in a row.

* Atrophinius
– Lowered damage of Last Call.
* The total HP for all NPCs has been reduced.
* The total damage dealt by Swindler Maelow, Lord Greenscale, Atrophinius and Frozen Terror has been reduced.
* By popular request, the density of the fog and ‘waviness’ of the atmosphere has been reduced.

* Telaphalon (Standard version):
– Removed Chitin Weave.
– Reduced overall damage.

* The highest-level of crafting dailies now provide Dendrome notorieties.
* High-level crafting dailies now provide more notoriety.
Originally Posted by CM MORGANA on 9th OCTOBER 2013

Notoriety Gains:
With the +25% increase in notoriety rewards from various sources, it may be advisable to hold out on turning in your dailies that you pick up after the weekly reset if you can manage to complete them prior to the Hotfix update at 8am PDT (3-4hrs after reset) to benefit from the increased notoriety rewards.

Raid Nerfs:
A few nerfs to Matriarch and Twins – probably to get more people through. That’s fine, they’ve been out for months. Interesting to see them removing the tank swap mechanic for Twins – perhaps trying to encourage more 2-tank strats and to reduce raid requirements for more casual raids who can’t field 4 geared tanks, but can’t manage the old 2-tank strat.

Dungeon Nerfs:
Removing Chitin Weave from Telephalon in SBP is rather interesting. Already you can skip the whole upstairs consoles mechanic. Now that Chitin Weave is removed, the only mechanic is for the healer to AoE cleanse. Just tank and spank now.

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