PTS News: Conquest: Steppes of Infinity up on PTS


The Conquest: Steppes of Infinity map is now up on PTS! Like Conquest: Stillmoor, it is random queue. Looks like it uses the same interface as Conquest: Stillmoor so is likely to alternate (or random) between the two maps once they hit Live.

Right now the map is in its ‘baby steps/draft’ version with only a Kill counter to start timer. A points timer is likely to be added later on.


You gain points from picking up Sourcestones at the center of a Fort, and then running to the opposite Fort and using a reactive on an Extractor at the other Fort. Successfully channeling for the full 5 seconds without interruption will cause your faction to gain 1 point.

Daglar is looking to hopefully have this up some time during Patch 2.5 (not launch).

More info/screenshots below:

The Map


I’ve added all 3 faction start points to the map. As you can see the map will mainly surround Fort Antapo (left) and Fort Brevo (right). Each fort has 6 Sourcestones at the center, and 4 Extractors on the sides.

Will be interesting to see whether Dominion faction has a starting-location and respawn advantage since they can more easily reinforce both forts and have better control of the center. That said, they have to move uphill so they can’t just jump down cliffs like the other factions can.

The Game

The Conquest: Steppes of Infinity map involves a different ruleset from Conquest: Stillmoor. Here, your objective is to pick up Sourcestones from one Fort (any Fort, doesn’t matter which you start with), and then run to the opposite Fort and use a Reactive you obtain after you pick up the Sourcestone on an Extractor. There is a 5 seconds channel, so interrupting is possible.

You can use any Fort to pick up Sourcestones. Therefore, you can – for instance – pick up a Sourcestone from Fort Antapo (left Fort), then run to Fort Brevo (right Fort) and use your reactive on an Extractor. Then, pick up a Sourcestone at Fort Brevo, and run back to Fort Antapo and use your reactive on an Extractor there.

In case you forget which sourcestone you have – do not fear! If you pick up a sourcestone from Fort Brevo, it will say “Antapo Empowerment” and it will tell you both in the buff’s and the reactive’s tooltips that you need to head to Fort Antapo.


The Sourcestones – Fort Antapo

soiconquest8Fort Antapo is the Fort to the left. Its center is rather flat so there isn’t many places to line of sight enemies other than on the corner platforms (but going up there provides limited range).

There’s a total of 8 locations that enemies can come from – the 4 main entrances and the 4 corners. Each corner has 2 entrances into that corner that funnels into the stairs you see above.

Expect to see at least some people tasked with ground-target AoEing the Sourcestones to prevent them being picked up by opposing factions.

The Sourcestones – Fort Brevo

soiconquest7Fort Brevo is the Fort to the right. It has a raised platform and four stairs surrounding its center. As such, you can Line of Sight potential enemies by hugging the platform’s walls and the side of stairs. There’s also a rock on the platform that you could potentially run around/hide behind for line of sight (and to piss your healers off).

My guess would be that it would be easier to defend the stones in this Fort simply because you mainly have to worry about those going up the stairs. There may be those who can charge into someone on the platform from below, or perhaps even manage to jump up from the sides.

Main Entrances

soiconquest4The main four entrances to each Fort are rather wide and it is very easy to tell if you are coming in or not because the corridor is rather long. You’re more likely to see large zergs/forces going through these main entrances because your opponents will detect you from a mile away and respond appropriately.

The corner entrances might be better in terms of gaining Sourcestones simply because they both allow you to attack any enemy faction Sourcestone-carriers who are attempting to turn in a sourcestone through the Extractor that is at that corner, and, unless you kill someone, it’s harder for those in the middle protecting Sourcestones to know you are coming in through the corner until after you make it to the Stairs.

Corner Entrances – Extractors


The Corner Entrances to each Fort has an Extractor in the middle. You click on it and use your reactive when you have a Sourcestone on you and wait for the 5 seconds channel to complete to earn a point for your Faction.

These Extractors are not attackable.


There are four ways you can get to an Extractor.

Two of those ways involves going through the lower entrances shown in the above picture that start from outside the Fort. You won’t have a terrain advantage, especially since the two entrances merge together so you could end up fighting from two locations. However, you can potentially line-of-sight enemy ranged who are on the ramps by hugging the walls.

The third entrance is behind this image, which are the stairs that lead to the middle of the Fort where the Sourcestones are. Defenders may run up these stairs to attack you, but you could potentially sneak into the Corners as well.

The fourth way would be to use Charges and other teleport-to-enemy-location abilities on ranged opponents who are sniping from above.


The above picture is the same corner, only viewed the other way. As you can see, ranged can potentially stay on the camps above to snipe enemies. Think of the ledges at Codex and those annoying ranged that ground-target-AoE the Flag so you can’t cap it. The same strategy can be applied here. Ranged can AoE the Extractor to continuously interrupt sourcestone-carriers.

Melee would be forced to either use a charge-skill, or run all the way up the ramps. It’s a long walk. Again though, you can line of sight at least one side by hugging the walls and the Sourcestone reactive has a 10m range.

As always, this is on PTS and is highly subject to change. A Point counter for timer is likely to be added in, and adjustments to the location of the starting location of the various Factions is likely to occur based on which factions seem to have any inherent advantage over the others.

A test event on PTS to test out Conquest: Steppes of Infinity is likely to occur at some point in the future.

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