News: Purging Inactive Character Names

Dahanese (Community Director) has stated that inactive character names will be resetting on Wednesday, October 23rd in light of the Shard Unification occuring on that day.

If any of your characters are going to be impacted by the reset, you’ll receive an e-mail in the next day or two asking you to log in to that character/s prior to October 23rd so that your characters’ name isn’t reset on October 23rd.

This should bring some relief to those moving shards as part of the Shard Unification process as hopefully some of you will be able to use your names on the shard you are heading to.

Dahanese Quote + Thread.

Just a reminder, the following Shard transfers will automatically happen on 23rd of October for NA shards and 24th of October for EU shards:

Necropolis users will be migrated to Seastone.
Shatterbone users will be migrated to Wolfsbane.
Threesprings users will be migrated to Deepwood.

Volan users will be migrated to Bloodiron
Blightweald users will be migrated to Gelidra
Argent users will be migrated to Zaviel
Nomi users will be migrated to Brisesol

More info on the Shard Unification here.

Necropolis -> Seastone
Shatterbone -> Wolfsbane
Threesprings -> Deepwood

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