PTS News: New PvP Gear + Mounts arriving with CQ 2.0


During Friday’s CQ playtest for Conquest: Steppes of Infinity on the PTS, DEV_Tasemebro posted some interesting pictures in 60s chat of new mounts earned in the new CQ. DEV_Tasemebro also hinted at new PvP gear (assumed to be mainly in the form of essences and possibly a new seal) when the new CQ comes out.


  • New Eldritch Vanguard White Tiger and Noble Guard White Tiger mounts. 150% mounts rewarded in the new yet-to-be-released Conquest.
  • New PvP Essences.
  • New PvP ‘Legendary’ Cape.
  • ‘Possible’ other new PvP items (like Seals).

Click below for more info/pics.

New CQ Mounts

CQ2.0mountsThe mounts are based on the Armored White War Tiger which was originally a Korean Collector’s Edition special, but which was later offered to NA/EU for a limited time.

These are mounts with 150% mount speed so depending on their cost in PvP currency, they could be a good alternative to the 1,000 plat 150% mounts.

Below is what the old Armored White War Tiger looks like. As you can see, the above CQ Mounts make several changes to both the skin and the armor itself.


New PvP Gear


In response to someone pointing out how the ‘Warlord’ Essences available from Fluffy was worse than the ‘Freelancer’ Essences currently available on Live, DEV_Tasemebro responded with the above stating that a new tier of Essences would be available when CQ 2.0 (CQ: Steppes of Infinity) launches.

Given what DEV_Tasemebro was replying to, it is ‘possible’ (but unconfirmed) that there could be new PvP Seals as well given that the ‘Warlord’ versions that Fluffy give are also outdated.

When does CQ 2.0 launch? Daglar stated it is likely to be some time after Patch 2.5 hits. When does Patch 2.5 hit? No hints yet from Trion.


And possible Legendary Capes for PvP? Sounds interesting. No further details were provided.

Might be feathery too!

Look forward to those with Conquest: Steppes of Infinity (CQ 2.0) coming around some time approximately after Patch 2.5!

There may be future PTS tests for this new Conquest map, so look forward to those! Friday’s test rewarded people with the Title: Savage Tester, some loyalty as well as a chance at a Ruby Ki Rin or Hellbug of their choice (for 5 lucky winners).

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