News: Extra Life 2013 – Prizes updated!

Extra Life 2013: Game for a great cause!

Extra Life 2013 is fast approaching (in fact, coming next week!) and Trion have posted a reminder post both on their Community Page as well as an official forum thread.

Extra Life is a charity gaming marathon that lasts 25hrs over the course of next weekend starting from 2nd Nov (Saturday) till 3rd Nov (Sunday), helping to raise money for children’s hospitals all around the world. Trion Worlds has been participating for every year that Rift has been out and this year is no different with goodies for everyone!

The Trion Team are aiming to reach $50,000 this year!

Please help them reach this goal, help the children in need out (you get to choose the hospital you donate to!), and help myself out by becoming a donor (can be monthly or one-time) to my page, which is linked up to the Trion Team! Helping to reach my goal of $500 will help reach Trion’s goal as well!

Click below for the Goodies (rewards/titles/mounts) and Events (quiz/art-for-donations) that will be happening for this year’s Extra Life!

Note: If you have an event/livestream that you will be holding and would like to add it here, feel free to Contact Me with the details or send a PM to Jonus on the Forums. (you can whisper/mail me at Marko@Laethys as well).


Reaching Fundraising Milestones:


(interestingly the 3rd tier milestone says $150 although the RIFT Community page states $125. Might be miscommunication).

  • $25 milestone: Dwarven Smithy Hat (RIFT) and Extra Life Lockbox (DEFIANCE).
  • $75 milestone: Toxic Hellbug Mount (RIFT).
  • $125 milestone: Exclusive Extra Life Night Owl pet (RIFT) and Exclusive Extra Life Scalpel Blade (DEFIANCE)
  • $500 milestone: 1 Year Patron Pass (RIFT) for the first 10 team members and the prefix title “Kindhearted” for all who hit this goal!

Source: Rift Community: Extra Life

You’ll be sent mail by the Children’s Miracle Network for meeting these fundraising milestones where you’ll receive a code that you can apply to your RIFT/DEFIANCE Account page.

Make sure to allow e-mails from and so these e-mails with your codes don’t accidentally end up in your Spam folder!



For the individual Donors themselves:

  • Prizes awarded hourly to top donors to Trion World team members.
  • Multi-use codes on Trion’s live stream as they hit key goals ($50,000, $75,000/etc).
  • Rewards include the Helm of the Demon Lord (RIFT) and Tier 4 lockboxes (DEFIANCE).
  • Two exclusive, made-JUST-for-Extra-Life-donor items: the Night Owl (RIFT) and Pink Scalpel (DEFIANCE).

Source: Rift Community: Extra Life

Unique Titles:

Everyone who participates will receive “The Charitable” title.

Those who clock 25hrs or more in Rift and/or Defiance will get the following title:

  • First time at Extra Life? “The Insomniac”
  • Second time? The “Sleepless” prefix.
  • Third time? “The Committed” suffix title.

RIFT Extra Life Exclusive Starter Pack:

Something not mentioned in Rift’s Community Page; I received a “RIFT Extra Life Exclusive Starter Pack” e-mail (amongst the other milestone e-mails) which I think I received for joining the Trion Team for Extra Life.

It gave me a 40% XP Potion, Chocolate Horse Mount and Screechling Pet, as well as a FREE copy of Defiance (although I already have the game).




Trion’s Livestream:
Trion will be holding their 24hr marathon livestream broadcast with Community Team Members dahanese, OverloadUT and Community Manager Morgana, streaming Rift and Defiance on their official Trion Worlds Twitch channel. They’ll broadcast from 9AM PDT on Saturday, Nov 2nd till 9AM on Sunday, Nov 3rd.

As per last year, they’ll probably hold their own in-game events. You’ll also be able to join their Extra Life Guild during the 2-day charity event by looking up TW_dahanese, TW_OverloadUT and TW_Morgana on the Greybriar shard.

RoughRaptors’ 3.0 Pre-Alpha Soul Testing – FT/EE:
Avid Rift player RoughRaptors will be streaming a Tier 1 Raids Frozen Tempest and Endless Eclipse run with fellow players to test out the 3.0 Souls on Tier 1 raids. This will be held at approx. 4pm PST on Saturday, Nov 2nd.

If you would like to join this raid, sign up at his forum thread.
You can check out his livestream at here, where he’ll be streaming throughout the event.

Even if you are unable to participate in the raid itself, it will be awesome to check out the current iteration of the new 3.0 souls. Just note that they are in pre-alpha stage and so are highly subject to change before they finally make it through to live.

Corgi Rifts

As per last year, there will be Corgi Rifts that will spawn throughout Rift in the form of special Life Rifts. Found under Achievements -> World Events, the “Suddenly, Corgis” achievement will reward you with the suffix title “of House Fluffington” when you close 10 of these rifts!


Experience and Currency Boosts

There will be increased % boosts to experience and currency gains throughout the event so it is a great time to either farm it hard for part of those 25hrs, or to level an alt (or two!).

Khortish Quiz!

I’ll be holding multiple quizzes on Greybriar during the event. I’ll be Khortish@Greybriar.

Click here for more details.

Update: Laerwyn@Laethys has kindly donated a REX for this Quiz! As such, there will now be two multi-question quizzes with a REX awarded to the winners of each.

Art for Donations!

darekbannerI’m holding an ‘Art-for-Donations!’ drive for this year’s Extra Life! Come help children out by donating to my Extra Life page (which is part of the Extra Life Trion Team)!

My goal is to reach $500 by the time Extra Life comes around on November 2nd 2013.


  • Donations of $15 or more will receive a Black&White sketch, waist-up of their in-game character!
  • Donations of $40 or more will receive a Black&White Full-body Pencil drawing of their in-game character!

The highest donor to my Extra Life page will receive a Full-body, Colored drawing of their in-game character!

If I reach my $500 goal, I may add some extra goodies on top of everything else!


Please include your in-game character name and shard that you are on in the personal message/comments section of your donation so that I can identify you! A simple “charactername@shard” will suffice.

I will begin drawing after Extra Life so please allow some time before I will complete your charity commission. If I run into any issues I’ll be sure to contact you.


I dont speak Arabic Magveira Pencil Carnivore-Plant-Girl-hidden

(Note: these are really old from several years back. Haven’t been able to complete some of my latest works so don’t have anything to show for them. Donate at own risk! :O )

Look forward to having an awesome 25hrs with all you folks out there!

If you have any enquiries or would like to add your events/contests/Extra Life livestreaming onto this page, feel free to Contact me with details, or PM me (Jonus) on the forums, or whisper/mail me at Marko@Laethys in-game.

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