News: RIFT 2.4 Hotfix #7

Trion has updated RIFT with RIFT 2.4 Hotfix #7 at 8am PST on 23rd October 2013 (NA) and will be updating RIFT at 1AM GMT on 24th October 2013 (EU).

RIFT 2.4 Hot Fix #7 – 10/23/13

* Shard Unification has taken place this morning. Please click for additional details.
* The Autumn Harvest scratcher game for Rift Mobile has been updated to include new rewards.
* The number of auctions an individual character may have up is now capped at 200. Anyone with more than capped amount after the update will be allowed to finish those auctions normally.

* The costume armor in the following bundles are now Bind on Account: Avenger’s, Overseer’s, Pathfinder’s and Virtuous.
* The Autumn Harvest Sky Projector is now available for purchase!
* Due to popular demand, swimsuits have been added to the store permanently. Find them in the main Wardrobe category.

* Fixed an issue with some Instant Adventures failing to show the quest objective location.

* Quests: Dream Hive: Players who need to hand in these quests but have left the dream can now teleport into the dream at the location indicated on the map.

* Locomotive Bulwark
– Added immunity to the effects of Transference and Traitorous Influence.

* Breaker X-1:
– Portals to the core should now more reliably appear after the start of the 2nd breakdown phase.

* Eggtenders:
– Bile Faucet now rotates slightly slower.
– Pool of Bile no longer deals damage immediately.
– Massive Eggs do not appear as frequently.

* Planebreaker Abominus:
– Crushing Implosion is now cast soon after Cascade Reaction or Growing Calamity.
– Gravitronic Bomb no longer damages players during a phase change.
– Council members now stop casting their channeled or large build up casts when entering their phase changes.

* Warden Thrax:
– Pets will no longer be hit by the beams from Greater Tectonic Transference.

* Conquest: Dead turrets at extractors should no longer be super hostile.
* Guns for Hire weekly quests should now update in Monster Mash: The Black Garden. (This was actually fixed last week without needing sever downtime.)

* Puppet pets have been restored to their bobble headed glory.
* Omen of Forlorn Fate and other relic totems no longer have AC.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 23rd OCTOBER 2013

Auction Cap
As some of you may have noticed depending on which shard you are on, the AH has been slowing down lately due to the huge influx of artifacts being added thanks to the Autumn Harvest event. With the shard merges, this would be exacerbated on those shards affected. The cap is welcome in my opinion.

Dead Turret Fix: CQ
Also most welcome. Will be easier to turret farm if the situation cause for it.

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