News: Rift celebrates PC Gaming Week


TRION is celebrating Rift’s return to Steam with a “PC Gaming Week” celebration. Various goodies abound.

Players received 400 free Store Credits that expire on Nov 1st today. Those who got the free credits would have received an e-mail about it.

There’s also a weekend Celebration bonus applied to experience and currency of +20%.

The Cash Shop has been updated with a few things:

  • A Squirrel Mount – limited time, ends Oct 28th at 11am Server Time. 3,000 Credits (2,700 Patron)
  • +65 HIT Raid Rings. 9,000 Empyreal Slayer’s Marks or 3,750 Credits (3,375 Patron)
  • Limited Edition: Regulos’ Trove, ends Nov 1st at 11am Server Time. 700 Credits (630 Patron)
  • Transcendent Experience, Notoriety and Token Vials/Tablets for 1,000 Credits each respectively (900 Patron), ends Oct 28th at 11am Server Time.

Check below for screenshots/details:

Free Credits


Some players (or perhaps everyone) would have received 400 Free Credits that are automatically added to your account today. These expire on 1st November (which is when some of the current limited edition Cash Shop items expire).

Note: The e-mail Trion sends you will not ask for your account details or for you to visit any website. The Credits are automatically added to your account.

If you get these free credits, makes sure to use them up before 1st November!

Celebration Bonus


In light of all this, looks like we’re getting Celebration bonuses. When will it end? My guess would be after the Extra Life charity event (which occurs on 2nd November till 3rd November).

Squirrel Mount


The squirrel mount that everyone has been anticipating since TehFrank on the forums found the skin whilst datamining is finally out. However, it seems to be under a Limited Edition-type deal. This mount matches your fastest mount speed. It costs 3,000 Credits (2,700 Credits for Patrons).

As you can see in the top-right corner, it has a limited time before the deal expires. This would be 28th October at 11am Server Time (PST).


The mount stretches its tail and rolls it back up making it technically the longest mount in RIFT thus far (if you include the outstretched tail).

+65 HIT Rings


Under Cash Shop -> Equipment -> Accessories are new +65 HIT Rings for DPS/Heals and Tanks. They cost 9,000 Empyreal Slayer’s Marks (Level 60 Dungeon and Tier 1 Raid Currency) or 3,750 Credits (3,375 for Patrons).


Limited Edition: Regulos’ Trove


Regulos’ Trove is a Limited Edition lockbox-type item that will be up on the Cash Shop until November 1st, at 11am Server Time (PST). It provides you with a chance at Tier 1 Raid accessories and upgrade tokens. Also, a chance at a Black Dire Riding Squirrel. Costs 700 Credits (630 Credits for Patrons).

Here’s what the Black Dire Riding Squirrel looks like:


Transcendent Pots/Vials


Usually Transcendent Pots/Tablets are on for a limited quantity of 200 every now and then, or available as a chance drop in a Crucia’s Supply Crate. These will be up for a limited time instead, until 28th October at 11am Server Time (PST) for 1,000 Credits (900 credits for Patrons).

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