News: RIFT 2.4 Hotfix #9

Trion has updated RIFT with RIFT 2.4 Hotfix #9 at 10am PST on 30th October 2013 (NA) and will be updating RIFT at 1AM GMT on 30th October 2013 (EU).

RIFT 2.4 Hot Fix #9 – 10/30/13

* Experience gains in 50+ content have been adjusted to be more in line with pre-50 progress, resulting in a smoother levelling experience to 60.
* Reduced the health of non-dungeon Storm Legion NPCs between the levels of 50 and 53.
* Fixed some rendering issues in Hive Kaaz’Gfuu.

* The Glowing Ruby Ki Rin and the Glowing Sapphire Ki Rin are now both flagged as Bind on Account.
* As we have previously done with old World Events, the section in the store for Autumn Harvest will be going away once the event ends. However, we’ve decided to keep the World Event section available for an additional week, including the special lockboxes and grab bags, so be sure to get them before they go away on November 6th!

* Shaman – Furious Assault can no longer be purged and now lasts through death.

* Fixed an issue where a Hive Augmenter could become trapped inside of terrain.

* Approximately halved the number of trash pulls within the dungeon.
* Twisted Lord Twyl
– Reduced his health and damage output.
Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 23rd OCTOBER 2013

Leveling Progression
Sound like a good chance for new players and those creating alts. 51-60 would take considerably longer than 1-50 for the most part. I think this will be welcome by most people if that’s what they mean (faster leveling from 51-60).

Realm of Twisted Dreams Mob reduction
A welcome change given how much more mobs there are in this dungeon compared to other random expert queue dungeons.

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