News: Extra Life 2013 Round-up


Extra Life was a blast this year despite several DDoS attacks over the course of the annual charity event. Trion managed to raise a staggering $62k+ for Extra Life this year and Extra Life itself reached a new record of over $3.8mil raised early on in the weekend!


  • Extra Life guild hits more than 320 online at once!
  • Boosts to everything (currency/exp/tokens/notoriety/etc) all ramped up over the course of Trion’s livestream. +80% ramp-up for last hour!
  • Extra Life raised over $3.8mil!
  • Trion Worlds raised over $62,000!
  • Kiwi Dimension contests were a blast!
  • Lots of one-time use as well as multi-use Codes broadcasted + additional prizes for donating to be won!
  • Next year, Trion is planning on a World Event to raise awareness for Extra Life and the goal will be $75,000!

Rift Community: Extra Life Blog
Trion Worlds Team Fundraising Page 2013

Click below for more details and screenshots from Extra Life!

Extra Life Guild


There was quite a few Trion Worlds staff members participating, although some lasted longer than others, including the appearance of CEO Scott Hartsman both in-game and on the Trion Livestream chat channel.

The Extra Life guild itself was filled with players of all levels, either created just for Extra Life, existing on Greybriar or transferred from other shards. The achievement spam was intense.


At 10:10AM PST, 1 hour and 10min after the Trion Extra Life livestream began, we reached 300 members in the guild online at once! Much, much more members in total.

Mass Corgi/Sheeps

The Trion Team used Mass-Corgi and Mass-Sheep abilities throughout Extra Life to great effect:



Special Dev Island


We were sent to a special area we called the Dev Island. Located at 18555,12920. I don’t think you can get there manually by swimming from Tempest Bay but you are always welcome to give it a try.

(If you are going to attempt to get there, make sure to be in a healing spec with lots of instants or hots as you are likely to encounter significant ticks of damage from Fatigue if there isn’t an invisible wall).


The island itself is rather plain. Flat repeating sand texture. Still, it was fun finding out about this place and getting guild banner summoned to the place. Makes you wonder how many other similar areas there are hidden in the game.


GM chets^. Where you hiding Naal?

Fail Corgi Train


A failed attempt at a moving Corgi Train was made with OverloadUT attempting to get people to create a Corgi Train by /follow the person in front of us whilst we were all AoE-Corgi transformed.

Since there was so many people on the screen (and there’s a limit to how many you can see at once) everyone in the above screen, including myself, was in the WRONG Corgi line!!! The one that OverloadUT was in on the livestream was in a completely different direction somewhere else close to where we were.

There were so many people that the Wrong Line in the screen above actually extends quite far (just that you can’t see them on the screen).

Would have been a perfect opportunity to use GM powers to spawn mobs/bosses, but oh well. Maybe next year :P.

Kiwi’s Dimension Contests

Kiwi had quite a few dimension contests that were broadcast over the Trion livestream channel throughout the 25hr event with various prizes to be won.

Extra Life Guild Dimension – Morphing Contest


Firstly there was the Guild Dimension Morphing Contest. The Trion team spawned numerous requested and random dimension items throughout the Level 25 Guild Dimension: Halls of Shaping (Hammerknell Fortress trash room before Zilas). Every Extra Life guild member was given editing permissions other than Pick Up.

Chaos ensued.

People created all sorts of things – some just trapping others in giant trees and rocks, others creating jumping puzzles or just randomly rotating and placing items all over the place. Each time you went up and down the stairs, the place would be completely different!


A multi-player created jumping puzzle^. Pieces disappearing/rotating/resized on the whims of the players.


When the Morphing Contest began, players were tasked with building an item that would go into a Country Cottage setting. There were fish tanks, thrones, freaky plants, decorated walls and all sorts of creations concocted by the players!

Find the Cakes Contest

In an amazing dimension created by Kiwidream (Kiwimidget, Kiwisan) called RDD: Road Trip on the Greybriar shard, players were tasked with finding several Cakes hidden throughout the dimension.


A highly detailed dimension with lots of amazing creations. You should come check it out if you are on the Greybriar shard. Owner: RDD Road Trip, Name: Get Yo Kicks! You will “WOW” and “WTFOMGBBQCAKES!?!” at the type of stuff that was created in this dimension.

Jumping Puzzle Contest

In one of the highlights of the Trion Extra Life 25hr Livestream broadcast, and one of the most nerve-wracking and adrenaline-filled periods of the Extra Life event, Kiwi held a jumping contest in the RDD Road Trip dimension.


A complex, long series of jumps from the bottom of the dimension all the way to the top was challenged by a mass ton of players. Very few made it past the 4th rock, let alone the 10th.


Rgi made the whole livestream chat channel tense up with every jump he made as he became well in the lead, a whole 2-3 level of rocks above other players. (note, the dwarf on the right is OverloadUT using his GM powers for a better view).


Butts were clenched as he made it to the final few rocks before the top; small tiny rocks where one wrong move could end up with you sliding across the screen to the bottom.


The chat went wild with each jump as he got closer to his destination, text scrolling at an alarming rate. It exploded when he slipped off one of the smaller rocks. Luckily, he was able to land on a rock just below. In the end he used some pro backwards-jumping skills to get up the small rocks to the top!

The 3rd place winner even gave us a fright with her pro sprint-jumping on the final level of rocks as she attempted to catch up and beat the 2nd place winner.


Congratulations to the winners, 1st 2nd and 3rd place from Right to Left; Rgi, Veran and Caoilvila! Amazing Rift athletes!

Item Count Contest

Kiwi also held two Item Count contests in the RDD Road Trip dimension. One to guess the number of items used for a Jukebox (27), and one for an absolutely amazing Jeep that was created with dimension items.

Guess how many items the below Jeep uses:


Have a round-about number in your head?

Hold it.

Did you guess 343?


The livestream, guild and open world chat was shocked as well:


An absolutely amazing Jeep. All the tires are actually a huge amount of items placed around into a ring formation, and the jeep’s steering wheel actually moves! Awesome attention to detail – and this type of stuff is found all over the dimension.

The dimension can be found on the Greybriar shard with owner: RDD Road Trip and “Get Yo Kicks!” as the name.


Other In-game Events

Other in-game events and broadcasting included a cross-broadcast of RoughRaptors’ PTS Frozen Tempest Raid with certain players running 3.0 souls. RoughRaptors’ raid later did the refurbished Level 60 version of Drowned Halls on his livestream.

There were also several scavenger hunts run by players and my own Quizzes which I ran throughout the event, awarding over 18k in Credits and REX. 😀

Defiance got itself a ‘Death March’ event where everyone joined up, marched down the road and annihilated everything in their path.


There was a variety of prizes and rewards handed out during Extra Life both by players and by Trion.

Trion’s Extra Life community blog page for Rift can be found here.

Note: For all those still awaiting rewards, please be patient as it may take up to a week or more for your codes to be sent to your e-mail, or for rewards to appear on your in-game mail.

Extra Life Sign-up

By simply signing up to Extra Life on their website and joining the Trion Team, you received a Rift Start Pack Code as well as a Free Defiance Code!


Fundraising Milestones

Those who reached certain fundraising milestones whilst joining the Trion Extra Life Team received the following:

  • $25 milestone: Dwarven Smithy Hat in RIFT and Extra Life Lockbox in Defiance
  • $75 milestone: Toxic Hellbug Mount in RIFT
  • $150 milestone: Exclusive Extra Life Night Owl pet in RIFT and Exclusive Extra Life Scalpel Blade in Defiance
  • $500 milestone: 1 Year Patron Pass in RIFT for the first 10 team members and the prefix title “Kindhearted” for all who hit this goal!

Unique Titles

Those who participated in Extra Life received the title “The Charitable”. Those who clocked 25hrs over the weekend in RIFT and/or Defiance received an additional in-game title:

  • “The Insomniac” suffix title for first-timers to Trion’s Extra Life event;
  • “Sleepless” prefix title for second-timers; and
  • “The Committed” suffix title for third timers.

Donation Rewards/Prizes

Trion gave out several multi-use codes throughout their 25hr Livestream for reaching certain donation milestones.


3-Day Patron Pass


Nearing the start of the Livestream, they posted on the livestream chat channel as well as on the screen of their broadcast itself a multi-use, limited time code for a 3-Day Patron Pass for RIFT. This was able to be applied once per account, for 30min from the time the code was first posted.

Defiance Tier 4 Lockbox + RIFT Hooty Owl


At $50,000 raised, Trion gave out multi-use codes for a Tier 4 Defiance Lockbox and a RIFT Hooty Owl pet (different from the loyalty Hotty pet).

40% XP Vial (Rift)

A multi-use code for 40% XP Vial was displayed at 8am PST.

Helm of the Demon Lord

Helms of the Demon Lord (RIFT) were given to those who donated to a Trion Team member (anyone who joined Trion’s Team on Extra Life) during a certain hour. Those who donated $5 or more would be given this costume helm.

Digital Deluxe Edition Defiance Codes

Throughout the Trion Extra Life livestream, OverloadUT posted several one-use only codes for free Digital Deluxe Edition Defiance codes.

Astro A40 Gaming Headset Raffle

Thanks to the Oakland Children’s Hospital whom donated some Astro A40 Gaming Headsets to Trion’s Extra Life event, Trion was able to hold a Raffle where donating $10 or more during a certain period to either dahanese, OverloadUT or Morgana’s fundraising pages and including a “TW” in the referral code section of the donation page would give you a raffle ticket (1 ticket per $10 donated) to win some Astro A40s headsets!

Your Name on a Rift Item

Later on after they had hit their $50k fundraising goal, Trion offered the chance to get a RIFT item named after the player who donated the most donations to Dev Archonix’s Donation Page. Two winners – one for most-donated after the prize was announced, and one as a random draw from anyone who donated more than $5 minimum after the prize was announced.

Trion hopes to have the player-named items out between 2.5 and 2.6.

Update: Winners are Mortiferous@Laethys and Torondar@Greybriar! Grats!


Trion ramped up the 20%-to-everything (currency/exp/tokens/notoriety/etc) global boosts for Rift that had been on-going for the PC Celebration Week. They upped it to 40% at some point, then to 60% half-way through their livestream, eventually ending with 80% boosts all around for the last hour of their stream.

The boosts are now back to 20%, but for the hours leading up to the end of their 25hr Extra Life livestream, leveling up alts, notorieties/etc was faster than ever before.

Other Prizes

There were several other prizes including other one-time use codes as well as Trion adding prizes on top of the prizes of player-run events such as 30-day Patron Passes and a Storm Legion special edition code (unsure if it was Infinity Edition or the one lower).


Shenanigans abound throughout the charity event on Trion’s games, Rift and Defiance with people pulling out all their disguises, fireworks and fluff use items. Cliffs were jumped, mobs were stabbed, achievement spam rolled across the screens and donations came pouring in throughout the event.

Don’t Starve

One of the highlights was when the Trion team members on the livestream had their pizza delivered and decided to play a round of the indie game, Don’t Starve. The goal was to stay alive as long as possible.

Greg on the first Night of the game concentrated a ton on Research/Technology and ended up forgetting to eat. As his Hunger level dropped to 0, he ended up becoming distracted and left his computer to go adjust/fix some cables behind the screens.

The Livestream chat exploded with warnings for Greg, hoping one of the other members in the room would pick up on the chat and notify him of his impending doom:


Luckily he survived just in time. However, hilarity followed on Day 2 when he attempted to steal an Egg from a Bird mob. The Bird mob is not something you should attack on Day 2 without armor, weapons and food – and he found out the hard way by being chased throughout the Day. As Night crept, the chat became intense as he attempted to light a Fire (no Light at Night = Death unless you are playing a pyro).

He finally managed to light his campfire, but not before he was attacked with low health remaining. Due to the nature of the game, he was forced to run around his campfire, avoiding the Bird’s attacks whilst staying in the light to survive the Night.

He didn’t live. But it was hilarious. His record: Night 2.

Morgana herself ended up getting far too lucky discovering sinkholes into Caves, and died twice being chased by vampire bats at Night.


Greg (OverloadUT), being Greg, decided to play a prank on dahanese. He went into the kitchen (or toilet) and asked us all to post that the target had something in their hair:


It didn’t work though, cause she had something on her head already, so wasn’t surprised/didn’t-freak-out-and-rub-her-hair-for-spiders.


Everything would have been absolutely amazing for this year’s Extra Life except that the website came under a DDoS (Distrubted Denial of Service) attack several times over the course of the event preventing tons of people from donating to the charity.

As you can imagine, it is estimated that a huge amount of potential donations would have been lost thanks to these attacks as people attempted for hours to donate – with only brief windows of relief available to squeeze donations through. Trion’s Team would have definitely had more donations go through with several people giving up after hours of trying.

Next Year


Next year, the Trion Team is planning to introduce a World Event for Extra Life, and the fundraising goal will be $75,000! Look forward to that in 2014!

Source: Dahanese

Overall – despite the DDoS attacks on the Extra Life website – it was a fun-filled, prize-filled and donation-record-breaking year! Hope to see you all for next year’s Extra Life and let’s reach that $75,000 milestone!

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