News: RIFT Patch 2.5 Patch Notes!

Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT Patch 2.5: Song of Dreams at 8am PST on 6th November 2013 (NA) and will be updating RIFT at 1AM GMT on 7th November 2013 (EU).

The patch notes are exceptionally long so I won’t post them here, so check out CM Morgana’s post on the Rift Forums instead.

You can check out some of the stuff coming to Patch 2.5 here:

PTS News: Massive 732MB Update (Patch 2.5)

Note: Patch 2.5 won’t be releasing all content on release date. Trion have provided a schedule of when some of the chronicles, dungeons and the sliver will be coming out:

Nov. 13 – Return To Deepstrike (60)
Nov. 20 – Hammerknell Chronicle (60)
Nov. 27 – Greenscale’s Blight Chronicle (60)
Dec. 4 – Drowned Halls (60)
Dec. 11 – Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath
Dec. 18 – River Of Souls (60)

Look forward to the actual update to Live in a few hours’ time. 😀

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