PTS News: Plutonus’ Helm, Falconer’s Bundle + Fox pet

Just a quick PTS update.


  • New additions to “Return to Deepstrike” Level 60 Expert Dungeon Achievements + Plutonus’ Mask reward.
  • Quick Brown (fox) Companion Pet in Cash Shop -> Pets.
  • Grand Falconer’s Bundle in Cash Shop -> Wardrobe.
  • Platinum option for Bundles of Guild Rally Scrolls/Banners.

Information/Screens below:

Plutonus’ Mask


Gained from completing Conqueror in the upcoming 2.5 Level 60 refurbished Expert Dungeon “Return to Deepstrike”.

Quickbrown Companion Pet


Quickbrown Companion Pet can be found in Cash Shop -> Pets for 200 Credits (180 for Patrons).

Grand Falconer’s Bundle


Found under Cash Shop -> Wardrobe as a Premium Bundle, the Grand Falconer’s Bundle comes with Head and Shoulder pieces. Costs 650 Credits (585 for Patrons).

Platinum option for Banners/Rally Scrolls


As Daglar mentioned in a recent livestream, there are now platinum options for Bundle of Rally Banners and Bundle of Rally Scrolls so you will no longer have to go to the Guild Charter Quartermaster in Tempest Bay, Sanctum or Meridian to purchase Banners/Scrolls if you only wanted to pay in platinum.

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