PTS News: Ranked 5v5 The Black Garden

2013-11-23_152751 2013-11-23_152759

A “Ranked: The Black Garden” warfront has made it onto the Public Test Shard (PTS) in one of the first indications of some of the PvP content Daglar had mentioned may be coming.

It is Group Join only, 5 v 5 and “Ranked Deathmatch”. Give it a shot if your 5-man group can find another 5-man group who is interested!

A response from Daglar on the update:

Ranked Matches
As some of you have noticed, some of the stuff is actually up on PTS now. We’ll be organizing a specific playtest for the feature but I don’t have a date for that yet.

Right now folks are preparing for next week’s hotfix and the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states.

~DaglarOriginally Posted by DAGLAR on 22nd NOVEMBER 2013

From his mention of next week’s hotfix as well as Thanksgiving holiday (Nov 28th) – My guess is a playtest won’t occur until at least the week after. If we’re lucky, this Friday.

Update 27.11.13: Daglar posted that the current iteration of the 5v5 Warfront will bolster you to Rank 90 gear.

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