Tip: Cheap way to reconfigure Myrmidon Weapons


So you’ve become a Myrmidon (PvP Rank 90) and you are finally able to get your Myrmidon weapons, but you don’t like the default spell crit/physical crit piece. What can you do?

You can side-grade by ALT+left-clicking on the weapon and using a Reconfiguration Cell. There’s 3 options – the default weapon with spell crit/physical crit, one with crit power or one with more spell power/attack power.


  • Use REX and buy with Credits instead of paying with Platinum directly.
  • Don’t forget to unsocket any expensive runes prior.

More information below:


You can obtain the Reconfiguration Cell from the Cash Shop (press “]”) -> PvP -> Upgrade Parts. But, this Reconfiguration Cell costs 1,500 Platinum or 800 Credits (720 Credits for Patrons). Quite a hefty price.

Cheap Way
Buy REX for ~900-1,000 platinum. You can shop around if you want across shards because the Credits when you use REX will be applied to your entire account so you can use it on your main.

REX: Rift Exchange gives you 1,250 Credits. Since the Reconfiguration Cell costs 720 Credits, you effectively only pay 640 platinum (576 platinum for patrons due to the 10% Credit discount) instead of 1,500 platinum for the Cell.

Rune Unsocketing

2013-11-26_142940Make sure to get yourself a Rune Unsocketing Apparatus from the Cash Shop -> Services section for 160 Credits (140 Credits; Patron) before upgrading/side-grading your weapons if they are equipped with high-cost Lustrous runes as they won’t carry over.

160 Credits (140; Patron) is effectively 128 platinum (112 platinum; Patron) so if you can get your runes for cheaper than 128 platinum, you’re better off buying the rune or making it. Otherwise, using REX and buying the Rune Unsocketing Apparatus will be cheaper.

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