News: Mech Week World Event


Trion has launched Mech Week! World Event for this week that lasts from 11/26/2013 to 12/4/2013.

Update 11.27.13: Looks like the daily quest only rewards a Vault the first time you complete it. The rest are Temporal Aligners (time shorteners).


  • Limited Time Mechanized Temporal Vaults that open in 24hrs containing random items including a chance at Tier 1 Relic upgrade piece, new Empyreal Walker Mounts, companion pets and mech-based weapons.
  • “G0TT4 C4TCH TH3M 4ALL” Achievement.
  • Limited Time Daily at Tempest Bay that rewards a Mechanized Temporal Vault the first time you complete the quest. Available in Sanctum and Meridian as well.
  • For this week, Level 60 Random Expert Dungeon Dailies also rewards Temporal Cells that gives a Temporal Aligner (that reduces the time before a Vault opens) as well as a chance at up to Relic-quality Greenscale’s Lock Boxes.

More information/screenshots below:


Mechanized Temporal Vaults


Under Cash Shop -> Chests & Keys you can obtain – for this week – Mechanized Temporal Vaults that gives you a chance at obtaining a variety of items.

Each Vault requires 24hrs to open, unless you use Temporal Aligners that reduces the time until they open. The Large Temporal Aligner reduces it by 24 hours (instant open), Medium for 3hrs and Small for 1hr.

You can obtain additional Temporal Aligners either from the Cash Shop, from running Daily Random Level 60 Expert Dungeons (which gives Temporal Cells) as well as from Patron’s Daily Mech Week Patron Gift.

The Mechanized Temporal Vaults are likely to be similar to the other Lock Boxes; so although it has a chance at some sweet loot, there’s a much higher chance to obtain low-value level-appropriate items or just currency.

The good stuff though, keeping in mind they are rare chance drops:

  • Radiant Infinity Cell (Tier 1 Relic upgrade component).
  • Weapons with new skins.
  • New Companion Pets (mainly reskins).
  • New Red and Iron Empyreal Walker Mount.


Empyreal Walker


The Red and Iron Empyreal Walker Mount in all its glory! Thanks to Selelna@Laethys for providing this screenshot and Bodysart@Laethys for modelling the mecha. It’s red and iron, as you’d expect. You can’t see the player, but the mount is approx 2-3 times player height.

It uses the Manslaughter model from Golem Foundry (also the Nemesis IV model in Return to Deepstrike).

Other Empyreal Walker Mounts:

Empyreal Walkers

Img Source: Rift Community

Now if only there was mount combat.

Below is a video of the Red and Iron Empyreal Walker Mount in all its glory, as well as quick directions to the daily NPC:



G0TT4 C4TCH TH3M 4LL achievement found under the Character tab. Collect all the pets from the Mechanized Temporal Vaults to get this reward. Looks to be 8 different mechanized companion pets.

The Pack of Squirrels 2.0 only shows a single Squirrel with the ‘mechanized’ skin that you see with the Tempest Bay Porticulum Master and the drones in Golem Foundry. It’s likely the companion pet is a collection of Squirrels similar to the original Pack of Squirrels, but reskined.

Mech Week Daily


There’s a limited time Daily that rewards a Mechanized Temporal Vault for the first time you complete the quest of the Mech Week World Event at Tempest Bay. All other times reward a Temporal Aligner (time shortener). It is available in Sanctum and Meridian as well.

Tempest Bay Location:


The questgiver is located in the open area behind the Porticulum situated towards the auction house area. You can’t miss him! He’s in the same location as the Fashion Week World Event quest-giver, at (13014, 11576).

You’ll find the Mech Components in the areas indicated on the map and they’ll look like the below. You’ll have to kill the Construct that spawns – They are Level 55 for the Tempest Bay quest, so you won’t need a Level 60 to take them down.


If you’ve got some extra Level 53+ chars, you could look at attempting to do this on multiple chars for extra chances at some of the nice loot. Note, however, that the stuff you can gain from the chars are Bind on Pickup, including the Empyreal Walker Mount.

Sanctum and Meridian Locations:


Sanctum questgiver is next to the Sanctum Bridge and near the main outside statue (with the two Messengers of the Vigil) at (7354, 3063).


Meridian questgiver is right outside the entrance to inner Meridian opposite the mount vendor at (6132, 5223).

Sanctum and Meridian questgivers give you the same quest. The mobs in Sanctum/Meridian are Level 12 so if you are doing those quests and the mob level is gray to you (i.e. not earning exp), then you’ll need to mentor down to a level that makes the mobs at least green to you (i.e. earning exp from them).

To mentor down, right-click your character portrait when you aren’t moving and there should be a “Set Ascended Mentor level” option. Click it, and input a level close to Level 12.

Random Level 60 Expert Daily Reward


For this week during Mech Week World Event, there’s an extra reward for Level 60 Expert Random Dungeon Daily reward called Temporal Cell. It gives you a Temporal Aligner to reduce the time on your Vaults, as well as a rare chance at up to Relic-quality Greenscale’s Lock Box.

To give an idea, finishing a Random Expert daily, I received a Temporal Cell that opened up to reveal 5x Medium Temporal Aligners (3hr x 5), so it reduced my Daily quest Vault’s timer by 15hrs. 2nd Temporal Cell I got gave me 3x Medium Temporal Aligners, and 3rd Temporal Cell I got gave me an Epic Greenscale’s Lock Box.

Note: Greenscale’s Lock Boxes are tradeable – so if you aren’t interested in opening one that you get with a Skeleton Key, you can always sell it on the AH.

Good luck on those Vault chances and in getting a Relic-quality Greenscale’s Lock Box!

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3 Comments on “News: Mech Week World Event”

  1. mrbob
    November 27, 2013 at 8:13 am #

    Daily is one time only then you just get time reducers.

    • November 27, 2013 at 2:34 pm #

      Noticed that as well this morning – I’ve updated the guide accordingly.


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