News: Iron Pine Peak zone revamp with 2.5

With 2.5, the pre-Storm Legion zone, Iron Pine Peak was heavily revamped from a Level 40-48 zone and into a Level 27-35 zone. Story, quest and the look and feel of the zone were revamped.

There’s now less running back and forth across long distances and kill quests have been converted to carnage quests. This gives more options and shortens the time spent in the zone, smoothing the experience across the zone.

Note: Your saved Porticulum locations in Iron Pine Peak have been reset. Besides the old 3, there’s 2 new ones located at Whitefall Lift and Pilgrim’s Crossing. Check below for a map of the locations if you want to resave them:


Even if you’re well into Storm Legion zones, it would be a good idea to re-save these Porticulum points by speaking to the Porticulum Masters at those points for any future Mayhem in Mathosia World Events that might include Iron Pine Peak.

Dev Tacitus has posted a write-up about the changes to Iron Pine Peak over on the Rift website. Check it out: Rift Community: The Gren Iron Pine Peak Makeover.

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One Comment on “News: Iron Pine Peak zone revamp with 2.5”

  1. December 2, 2013 at 9:47 pm #

    Oh that’s why I had never been in that zone before! I was wondering why it was still greyed out when it was below my current level and started questing there yesterday then. 🙂

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