News: Daglar responds to Mech Week!

Daglar responded to some of the negative threads about the latest Mech Week World Event today. He also mentioned he is looking into possibly adding more for Patrons.


  • Reconfirmed that “the best power affecting gear in the game must be earnable by playing the game.”
  • Reconfirmed that there will be luxury items (some mounts/costumes/etc) that won’t be earnable in-game.
  • Lockboxes – They’ll continue to do them as a large percentage of the community purchases them.
  • Items gained from the Vaults will become BoA in the next hotfix.
  • Cash Shop promotions will still continue to be added to the World Event tracker as they don’t have a better way of advertising such content yet.
  • Possible look at identifying further benefits for Patrons. There won’t be a credit stipend.

Daglar: Response to Mech Week!
Hey folks, happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great holiday (if in the States), or an otherwise good week otherwise

I’ve seen a lot of folks upset on the forums – expressing their opinions – and I highly suggest you continue to do so.

However, I wanted to pop in and perhaps shed a bit of light on a few things.

Pay to Win – I’ll throw out the reminder here – our definition for RIFT specifically is that “the best power affecting gear in the game must be earnable by playing the game”. This is still true today, and should remain true going forward.

During the transition I was very upfront about that – and very upfront about the fact that certain luxury items (mounts, costumes, etc), may not be earnable in game. I’ve seen some folks mis-attribute me with a quote along the lines of “Everything is earnable in game.” – that is not true and won’t be true.

So why do we do lock boxes? Simply put – there is a large percentage of the community that purchases them. If they were not highly financially successful, we wouldn’t do them. I always try to be upfront and honest with you guys – RIFT is a game – and a business – in order for us to make the game, we must make money. We are thankful for all of the support we get from you – and we are trying to make the game the best we can all the time.

Some of you don’t like lock boxes. I understand that. But please understand that the users that are purchasing the boxes are supporting RIFT. Some of you support the game by being patrons. Some are you supporting RIFT by buying costumes from the store. Some of you support the game by streaming it, or introducing your friends to it. Some of you support RIFT just by playing it – for free – and playing it with other users, taking part in the economy, running dungeons, pvping etc.

There is nothing in a lock box that anyone absolutely must have to play RIFT – and I intend to keep it that way. We are always working to find a good mix of random reward vs direct purchase – it may seem very simple from the outside – but I and other team members have to review the economics of RIFT on a daily basis and make the decisions that ensure that the game is well supported.

Are we going to keep running promotions, and introduce more ways for people to support RIFT? Absolutely we are. RIFT requires support to keep running – and the community as a whole has been extremely generous, and I hope you continue to be.

I’m sorry that some folks are upset that we’ve used the world event tracker to advertise. I get it – but I’m going to be stone cold blunt with things here. We don’t have another good way to let folks know about promotions running at the moment. Using the tracker has been an extremely successful way to communicate to the community as a whole. You are capable of untracking the current world event by visiting the tracker once. The tracker should pop up again once a new event starts – you won’t be missing out on anything by untracking.

Part of my job is ensuring the financial success of the product – and once again, I’d like to thank you for the continuing success of RIFT. There is no one in marketing telling me what to put into the game. I work with designers, artists, engineers, – the whole team here, to identify what goes on the store and how it is presented.

Sometimes the decisions I make, won’t line up with your view of how things should work – I respect that. I hope you understand that nothing we do is intended to drive you away – but at the same time, understand that not every change in the game or piece of content is specifically targeted at you – a very wide and diverse community exists in RIFT – and the game is better for it.

Bill “Daglar” Fisher
Game Director
Originally Posted by DAGLAR on 2nd DECEMBER 2013

Daglar: Response to Patrons
Well, we are always looking for ways to make patron more attractive, without being required. I believe I’ve posted this a large number of times as well. I’d love to find more features we can add that would make you feel like you are getting your value.

We recently increased the daily limit for patrons – and I plan to sit down with a few designers this week to try to identify more benefits that don’t make it a requirement but an enhancement to the product.

There won’t be a credit stipend built in – there are both financial and technical reasons for this. Also recall that the features need to be safely removable – so things like extended storage capacity are not really workable within our system.

Originally Posted by DAGLAR on 2nd DECEMBER 2013

Vault items becoming BoA
Hey folks,

We’ve been reviewing our data regarding mech week and we’ve decided to make the items granted from them BOA (Bind on Account) like our other boxes in the next hotfix.

Things were made BOP mostly due to how myself and someone who will remain nameless, would have “abused the system”. The way we made things BOP certainly made a less desirable user experience.

We also know that we didn’t do a good enough job explaining that you only receive a single temporal vault per character. We’ll be taking that into account as we go forward.

Originally Posted by DAGLAR on 2nd DECEMBER 2013

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