News: RIFT 2.5 Hotfix #5

Trion will be updating RIFT with RIFT 2.5 Hotfix #5 at 8am PST on 4th December 2013 (NA) and will be updating RIFT at 2AM GMT on 5th December 2013 (EU).


  • Intrepid: Drowned Halls Tier 1 10-man Sliver added.
  • Most items from Mech Week now Bind on Account.
  • Vaults of Planarite and other Planarite Vouchers now Account-bound.
  • New Patron Perk – Patron Artifact Tracking. 30min buff that shows artifacts on mini-map. Up to 7 charges like other Patron vials.
  • Weekly Patron Gifts now includes guaranteed Greenscale’s Supply Crate of Rare, Epic, Relic or Transcended Limited Edition rarity.
  • Very minor Cleric Druid QoL change.
  • Small Warrior Champion change.
  • Zone quest fixes – Freemarch, Silverwood and Stonefield.
  • Dungeon/Instance changes – GA, EE, PB and RotD.
  • Item changes. Screaming Howl of Ether now has a Melee upgrade path.

RIFT 2.5 Hot Fix #5 – 12/4/13
Intrepid: Drowned Halls Sliver
Every week until Fae Yule we’re introducing newly updated content for level 60! Our fourth feature is the Intrepid: Drowned Halls Sliver, which bumps the enemies up to level 60, and has some new rewards to boot!

* Most items from Mech Week are now Bind on Account instead of Bind on Pickup.
* Players who were previously unable to submit in-game petitions should now be able to do so again.
* You can no longer get around the “Unique” flag on an item by buying it from the front page of the Store.
* Vaults of Planarite and other planarite vouchers are now account bound. Thanks Caitie@Zaviel!
* Updated the tooltip text on the Transfiguration Bauble to clarify that the item consumed in the process. Thank you, Nitetime@Wolfsbane.
* The “G0tt4 C4tch Th3m 4ll” achievement has been moved to the Legacy category.

* New Patron Perk: Patron Artifact Tracking: A 30 minute buff that shows artifacts on the minimap. Turn on Sliver Sight to see Twisted Artifacts, too! Like other Patron abilities, it has up to 7 charges that are gained at a rate of one per day.
* Weekly Patron Gifts will now always contain a Lock Box Key of Rare, Epic or Relic rarity.
* Weekly Patron Gifts now also include a guaranteed Greenscale’s Supply Crate of Rare, Epic, Relic, or even the Transcendent Limited Edition rarity!


* Cleric Fae pets should no longer display a carnage icon next to their names.


* Chains of Life, Chains of Death: Now properly set up for Follow Through. Thank you Yowane@Laethys!

* Quest: A Bloody Bounty: Fixed some poor grammar. Thanks Toger@Greybriar!
* Quest: Stalked in the Forest: Fixed some poor grammar. Thank you, Ayeo@Greybriar.
* Quest: Carnage: Rognar: Fixed some typos. Thanks to Goremei@Necropolis!

* Quest: Carnage: Marshal Ebur: Fixed some typos. Thanks, Hikarighost@Greybriar!

* Quest: Road Rocks: The item drop that starts this quest is now named Oreling Stone instead of Wolf Flank, because what do cuts of meat have to do with rocks?
* Quest: Carnage: Bury the Dead: Fixed missing text in the objective.
* Quest: A Miner’s Job: Fixed some typos. Thanks, Sholock@Threesprings!
* Quest: Foul Flesh: Removed some errant text at the end of the quest description. Thanks, Ireka@Typhiria.

* Salvarola:
– Additional reduction to Warped Fanatic damage.
– Slight reduction in Mindsear and Nova damage.
– Increased time before a Warped Fanatic under the effects of Overwhelming Power will explode.

* Regulos:
– Changed damage area VFX on Piercing Tentacle and Unholy Contract to provide greater contrast for players with some forms of colorblindness.

* Warden Thrax:
– Adjusted “Chain Gang” so that player buffs or talents do not increase the damage to friendly targets.
* Planebreaker Abominus
– Manifestations of the Hive will no longer be affected by energy draining abilities.
– Adjustments to lower graphic lag caused when “Growing Calamity” is cast.

* Grandmaster Atrophinius:
– Atrophinius now displays a buff that indicates when he is within healing range of a Mead Keg.

* The Temporal weapons for warriors have been fixed to properly have attack power instead of spell power.
* Screaming Howl of Ether now has a melee upgrade path. Thanks Krager@Greybriar!
* The upgrade paths on the Ancient Dwarven Promise Ring and the Construct Plate Ring were backwards – this has been corrected. Thanks, Menhir@Deepwood and Blaorm@Deepwood!
* The Titan Forged Life Battery now uses the proper dungeon upgrade component as opposed to the world component. Thanks Bnegona@Deepwood!
* The Soothing Ring is now sellable. Thanks to Valantra@Deepwood.
* Titan-Steel Sabatons now properly have toughness. Thanks, Darkmaester@Greybriar!
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