Tip: Temporal Cells ending, cash in!

Mech Week ends on the 4th December 2013. Usually World Events end and start on Thursdays at 3:30pm PST (server time, type /time in-game) but it could be possible that this Mech Week will end on Wednesday as the World Tracker indicates.


  • Do your Level 60 Random Storm Legion Expert Dailies and loot the rewards prior to Mech Week ending.
  • (don’t do so if you have reached the Empyreal Slayer’s Marks weekly cap).
  • Also, the items contained in Vaults will become Bind on Account with the next hotfix. So, do that daily quest that gives you a free Vault on all your alts!

Temporal Cells


During this week, Level 60 random expert dungeon dailies have rewarded a special Temporal Cell that contains Temporal Aligners (that reduces the CD on your Vaults) as well as a chance at a Greenscale’s Lock Box of up to Relic quality.

As such, unless you are about to reach the weekly cap for Empyreal Slayer’s Marks of 16,000, you should do your Level 60 Random Expert Dungeon Dailies and make sure to loot them as well!

As a ‘just-in-case’ precaution, you should also open your Temporal Cells. (It’s not like you gain anything from waiting anyway).

The main reason to open these Temporal Cells for most players will be for a chance at a Greenscale’s Lock Box. The Rare (Blue) qualities are selling for ~30 plat, Epics (Purple) at 70 plat and Relics (Orange) at 150 plat, so it is worth getting as many Temporal Cells as you can for more chances at those boxes.

Vault drops becoming Bind on Account

Daglar has stated that the items contained in Vaults will become Bind on Account with the next hotfix. As such, completing the daily quest related to the Mech Week once per alt will help increase the chance of getting something like a Mount or Companion Pet that you can then transfer to your main!

Good luck with those Temporal Cells!

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