Guide: Making Platinum without the AH


Making Platinum without the use of the Auction House (“AH”) is something that any F2P player of Rift who hasn’t spent any money on the game will be facing.

The fastest way to unlock the ability to sell on the AH without spending any real money is to buy a REX and use it.


  • Dailies/Weeklies at Level 60 net a good amount of Plat.
  • Gathering Quest Item Daily at Ashora.
  • Chronicles and NPCing gear.
  • Holding Reserve/Bid Events.
  • Selling items to other players.
  • Buying REX for cheap.

Accessing the Sell Function on the Auction House

In Rift, you cannot sell on the Auction House without at least 1,500 Loyalty.
You gain 2 Loyalty for every Credit you purchase, and 2 Loyalty for every Credit you spend.


As a F2P player, you can use an item called REX: Rift Exchange that you can obtain from other players to reach 1,500 Loyalty. When you convert REX to Credits (by right-clicking on the REX item), you’ll gain 1,250 Credits which will give you 2,500 Loyalty from the get-go. So one REX will give you the Account Functionality Extension required to sell on the Auction House.

You can find out more about Account Restrictions for each Account Type on the Rift website.

Don’t worry until Level 60

Don’t fret about not being able to sell anything on the AH until you hit Level 60. For the most part, not much sells prior to Level 60 besides certain low-level bags and gathering materials for crafting leveling purposes.

At level 60 it gets significantly easier to gain plat.

Priority REX

If you’re in it for the long-term, getting REX as soon as possible will significantly make your life easier in terms of affording other items once you can start selling on the AH.

You might think something like a 150% mount would be the priority, or that bags with higher slots would help out. However, that one REX will get you not only enough loyalty to unlock selling on the AH (and unlock your platinum cap from 2,500 to unlimited), but it will also give you 1,250 Credits.

630 of those Credits can be used to buy a 150% mount, and it’s cheaper (in terms of platinum) to buy stuff with Credits gained from REX for anything on the Cash Shop that has a platinum and Credits option.

As such, your priority should be to save up enough platinum to get REX.

Level 60 Dailies/Weeklies

There’s several Dailies you can pick up in Ashora, Steppes of Infinity and the Dendrome.


Quest Platinum Gain
Daily Random Warfront 3p 82g 50s
Daily Random Warfront
Mercenary Equipment Cache
Daily Random Level 60 Expert Dungeon 6p 4g 18s
Daily Conquest Extractors 3p 82g 50s
Old Ashora Dailies 14p 2g 50s
Steppes of Infinity Dailies 12p 75g
The Dendrome Solo Dailies 15p 30g
The Dendrome Group Dailies 15p 30g

Just these dailies themselves give 81 platinum and 81 gold.

This does not include any Onslaught dailies, any Weeklies or any equipment drops other than the Daily Random Warfront Mercenary Equipment Cache that you get automatically with each Daily Random Warfront win. It doesn’t include the money you get from monster kills either.

This also doesn’t include Chronicles and their platinum rewards for quests as well as from selling gear drops.

You’re looking at around 100 platinum or more per day as a F2P player from Dailies and the NPC’d gear drops and monster coin drops alone. As REX goes for ~900-1k platinum, it would take around 9-10 days after you hit Level 60 to get access to selling items on the Auction House.

Note: Since you only need 1,500 Loyalty to sell on the AH, you’ll get more than that amount from using your REX to convert to Credits. You can then spend the 1,250 Credits you gain on whatever you want.

Daily Randoms

Your Daily Random Warfront and Daily Random Expert covers this.

Random Warfronts
Default key for Daily Random Warfront is “K“. This will bring up the PvP Window. First tab is Warfronts. If you click Join next to “Random Warfront” when you have a number next to the random bonus icon, you’ll gain PvP marks, experience, favor, prestige, platinum and a Mercenary Equipment Cache.

Winning a Random Warfront gets you 3 plat, 82 gold and 50 silver.
You also gain a Mercenary Equipment Cache that opens for a random gear that sells for anywhere from 1plat to 2.8plat.

Daily Random Expert
Default key is “i” to access the Looking For Group window. The Level 60 Random Storm Legion Expert Dungeon queue gives 6 plat, 4 gold and 18 silver for killing the last boss in the dungeon.

You can also participate in the old Level 50 Expert Dungeons and Level 60 Normal Dungeons. They give you 1plat 50g and 3plat 82g 60s respectively. That said, it’s not that efficient.

Ashora Dailies


Old Ashora Dailies are located at Nurjak Vostra at the south Porticulum in Ashora.

There’s 5 daily quests that alternate between the South-West area of the map and the North-West area. The North-West dailies (the ones with a Death theme) are extremely fast to complete because all objectives are pretty much right next to each other in a small area. They give 2plat 55g each. One of them may give 3plat 82g 50s.

If you are tight for time, the Death-themed (Undead) daily rotation is easy to complete.

There’s also ‘New’ Ashora Dailies related to Architects at K’Rom’s Fortress. These can take a little longer and are spread out across the entire top area of Ashora. But if you’ve completed all other dailies and your Daily Quest Limit isn’t maxed out – you can try these. There’s 5 quests that give 2plat 55g each.

Gathering Turn-in Daily


In Ashora, at K’Rom’s Fortress, there’s also an NPC called Oorlon who will trade some items you gain when you use gathering skills for a small amount of Artisan Marks, exp and 2plat 55g each.

Basically when you use Gathering skills like Foraging, Mining and Butchering on gathering nodes, you’ll get both gathering materials as well as random other non-gray items. These items can be traded to Oorlon.

Note: You seem to only be able to access the quests that you have the gathering profession of. So if you have Butchering-only, you’ll only see the quests relating to butchering.

Quests are as follows:

  • 10x Desert Ironwood
  • 10x Sun-Hardened Hide
  • 5x Variscite
  • 10x Ocotillo
  • 10x Strontium Ore
  • 5x Sand-Blasted Bones

So when you have the required amount, head over to Oorlon to get 2plat 55g.

Steppes of Infinity Dailies


There’s 4 different rotations for Steppes of Infinity dailies, all obtainable from the questgivers at the Zerzala porticulum. They are north, east, south and west. The West and South quest rotations are usually the fastest.

There’s 4-5 quests per rotation as well as a kill-18-rift-creatures and a close-5-rifts daily. The kill-18-rift-creatures daily is pretty easy to complete during a Zone Event with invasions or Rifts. The close-5-rifts takes a little longer. You might be better off skipping that one.

Dendrome Dailies


There’s 6 solo-Dailies and 4 group-Dailies in The Dendrome that are spread across the Achyati Village, Solstice Tower and Hailol porticulums. They give 2plat 55g for the solo and 3 plat 82g 50s for the group ones.

There’s also a 3x Stronghold (at Solstice Tower) and 3x Hailol (at Hailol) dailies that give 2plat 55g each. They usually take a lot longer though so aren’t recommended for gaining plat. They are still useful for notoriety though.

Note: The Group dailies can still be done solo if you have a spec with good self-preservation. Druid for Clerics is fantastic and can solo these Group quests pretty well with either the ranged pet or Tank pet.



Chronicles are accessed with default key “J”. There’s quite a few Level 60 Chronicles. Besides notoriety gains and exp gains, the Chronicles are also decent plat-earners (plus they can be fun).

If you can get into a good duo for the 2-man Chronicles, you can finish them in very short order. They each have 2-3 quests at least that reward plat (amongst other things). You’ll also get coin from monster kills and there’s a decent drop-rate of items. Each boss drops an item that you can NPC for 60g to ~2plat each.

Level 60 Chronicles:

  • A Hero Rises (Solo)
  • Hive Kaaz’Gfuu: Queen’s Gambit (Duo)
  • Infernal Dawn: Laethys (Duo)
  • Intrepid: Greenscale’s Blight (Duo)
  • Intrepid: Hammerknell (Duo)
  • Intrepid: River of Souls (Duo)
  • Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath (Duo)

There’s quite a few. There’s also extra rewards/marks for each boss you kill in Hard Mode (press the red orb before the boss encounter).

Obviously the more times you do these, the more shortcuts/speed-runs you can attempt. Also, the better your gear, the faster these runs will be.

Hold Reserve/Bid Events

Holding events where other players bid on items can net you a significant amount of platinum before you know it.

Daily Raid Rift

Daily Raid Rifts can generate a decent amount of plat, but they cost a bit to hold. You’ll need 60,000 Planarite and 900 IS for each Daily Raid Rift Lure. However, you can Reserve or even ask for Bids on the drops if you are the one that opened the rift and have Master Looter up in your looting options.

It’s pretty common to see people with “LFM DRR 1Bid 1Roll. Min. bid 100p” advertising for members on CrossEvents@Faeblight and on their Level 60 chat channel.

You gain plat either via other players bidding on the drops, or by runebreaking the drops into Dreaming Stars, and then selling those (or crafting high-demand Lustrous Runes with the Dreaming Stars and selling those).

You can find out more about holding your own Daily Raid Rift with the Guide: Holding a Daily Raid Rift.

Great Hunt Rank IVs/Vs

Great Hunt IV/Vs runs generally last for a decent amount of time, using multiple lures. Each when completed will drop a Chest. All players also have their own chances at loot in their rift loot bags. As such, you will often see people Reserving the loot from Chests.

The loot has a chance of getting you a sweet Greater Essence. Charred Flamesource, for instance, sells for 8k+. So if you’re really lucky, you can get yourself not just one REX, but a ton of other goodies to buy with your sale.

As Charred Flamesources are highly sought after, you’ll probably want to concentrate on opening Fire-based Great Hunt lures of Rank IVs and Vs.

Note of caution though: Those who have less than 1,500 Loyalty can only have a maximum of 2,500 Platinum on them. Never fear though, some of the other Greater Essences generally sell around that price range.

You can also try searching for someone who is willing to pay in multiple REX + platinum combination. i.e. Instead of 8k, ask for 8 REX. That way you bypass your 2,500 Platinum cap restriction and also get the REX you want to unlock the Account Functionality Extension.

Note: You can’t buy higher Ranked lures without first having closed all lures of a previous rank when it comes to Great Hunts. As such, it may take some time before you can start holding your own Great Hunt IVs/Vs.

In the mean-time, you can tag along to Great Hunt group runs to help unlock higher tiers. Participating will also give you a chance at those Epic Raid-quality Greater Essences.

Selling to other Players

This seems obvious, but it helps to sell loot to other players. For instance if you have gathering materials, you can sell the materials to others.

As you aren’t selling on the AH, you’ll need to consider offering to sell at a lower price than AH (otherwise they’d just buy from the AH).


You can use public channels such as Level 60 chat to sell your materials. Just make sure not to spam the channel.

Something along the lines of “S> Lucidflowers for 1plat each. PST with quantity!” would work out.

You can also look out for people wanting to buy certain items and trade with them.

Suggested items to sell:

  • Gathering Materials used by Level 60s, especially Lucidflowers which are used in a large variety of crafted pots/items.
  • Petrified Runes and Archaic Tablets (gained from killing rift creatures in high-level Invasions, Strongholds, Rifts, Onslaughts and Zone Events). A lot of min/max raiders use these to boost their dps.
  • Epic Level 60 Greater Essences that are upgradeable with Venerated and Glorified Torvan Lesser Essences.
  • Lustrous Runes that are overpriced on the AH (like Recondite and Rage runes/runeshards which generally have a high markup compared to their cost).

Just remember that you are likely going to need to underprice for someone to be willing to spend the effort to trade with you or even to whisper/PM you about your offer.

Cash on Delivery

You’ll need to know about the Cash on Delivery system. Basically, you can send items to another player via the Mailing system, and then the recipient will need to pay platinum in order to obtain the item you’ve sent – otherwise the item is sent back to you.

This is known as Cash on Delivery.


When you Send a mail, you’ll notice there’s a “Send Money” and a “C.O.D.” option in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen. If you choose “C.O.D.”, you can then enter an Amount and that amount will be what the recipient of your mail will have to pay in order to have access to the items you’ve sent them.

This is a good way of trading with another player, if the trade simply requires a coin payment. However, word of caution: If the recipient decides not to respond to the mail, it’ll stay in their inbox for ~30 days before finally returning to your inbox. So there’s a risk.

All-in-all if you can, Trade directly with the player to avoid these issues. For the most part though, most people will respond fairly quickly to COD requests.

Buying REX for Cheap

When buying REX, you can either type “rex” into the Auction House search function and buy REX from there, or you can buy from another player.

Generally speaking, you should be able to get REX for cheaper than AH. A good price is 900p. Even if REX is going for 1.1k on the AH, you can usually find someone willing to sell you REX for 900p.

Use Level 60 chat and type something like “B> REX for 900p. PST please :D” to get an offer. As always, don’t spam the channel and be patient.

You can increase or decrease your offer price as you see fit. If you really aren’t patient enough, there’s always the Auction House.

Hope the above helps you out to getting enough Loyalty to unlock AH selling! Once you can start selling on the AH, check out the main Guide: Making Platinum in Rift.

Check out other Plat-making tips below:

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7 Comments on “Guide: Making Platinum without the AH”

  1. Rogue
    November 11, 2014 at 4:07 am #

    now REX costs 1700-2000 pt depending on day….

    • November 11, 2014 at 4:19 pm #

      It’s a real shame on the EU shards. The NA shards have actually dropped so that the AH usually runs at around 1.2-1.3k. Cheaper outside the AH of course, and gifters exchange for even cheaper.

  2. October 31, 2015 at 11:41 pm #

    Deepwood has the going price for between 2k and 2.4k platinum for REX as standard now depending on when and where you purchase it from.

    • November 1, 2015 at 6:10 pm #

      Yea, pricing on NA rose sharply in about March (or May) of this year and has kind of stayed around the 2k range since. The introduction of Primalist didn’t help with that. Hopefully as 3.4 starts to cool off, REX prices will maintain the 1.8-2k price range. I can’t see it dropping back to 900p levels though.

  3. Indelicato
    May 26, 2016 at 4:07 am #

    now REX costs 3900-4500 pt depending on day 😉


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