PTS News: Warlock Update

Kervik (Mage & Cleric dev) has posted some changes for Warlock coming to the PTS (Public Test Shard).

Summary below:

Warlock Update

  • Defile now applies its crit buff to the Mage instead of the target.
  • Defile now drains charge again while active.
  • Conflux no longer requires a target to cast.
  • Removed the variance from Warlock Armor heal procs.
  • Swift Corruption now also increases the chance for damage over time abilities to critically hit by 2/4%.

Originally Posted by KERVIK on 4th DECEMBER 2013

You can check out the full post with explanations for the various changes as well as Kervik’s view on where passive healing should be at for the soul below:
Kervik: Warlock Update

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