News: Sirens’ Songs and Plane of Water Lore


The Sirens’ songs that you hear in the underwater questline on Ember Isle are quite unique and have sparked some interest amongst avid lore seekers in the Rift community.

Hardy83 on the Rift forums has compiled all the songs in written format for us to peruse, and they sure have some interesting possible hints about Rift 3.0’s Lore.

Fellow Rifters have also broken down some of the information present, especially the names used as Trion is fond of using similar names to mythology in the real world.

Check out the thread here: Hardy83: Sirens Song and Hints for 3.0.


Xezberaii the Akvan; foe of light, enemy of warmth, extinguishers of suns.
Ancient foes of the moon’s dreams, the Akvan slumber eternally.
First in the cosmos, nightmare of the moon, nightmare of the dark, Akvan never awake.
Upon the bone of Myrkur, in the chill of Tarken, the Akvan await the unraveling.
Before words of creation, before Azdah’s dragon brood, the Akvan ruled through terror.
Mighty Akvan, sleep one more epoch. Wake not in my lifetime, or that of my descendants.

Like a child birthed from accursed parents, the nightmare seeks to punish its creators.
Evil begets evils, through revenge, loss, despair, and even the unconscious fears in dreams.
Foe of mortal, demon and god, the nightmare children plot and scheme.
Dire dragons, planar tyrants, your birth brought evil, your death heralds war.
Beware the nightmares of mortals, manifest in the dreaming seas.
The ocean depths are dark and frightful, think of the warm waters when you’re afraid.

Sanity in an age of madness beneath the sea, Atragarians suffered.
Resisting of the corruption of the dragon’s rule, sisters why do you fall at freedom’s door?
Oh sisters, seduced by dreams, heed not the false dragon’s call.
The pleasing tones of nightmare’s words hide dark and deceitful intent.
Atragar resurgent! Atragar afraid! With the death of Akylios comes new friends and villains.
Evil fears the light, hides in the cold, crushing depths. Swim free in the warm coral seas.

Clever Kelari, friend of spirits. Farclan singers, delightful students, I ask your help.
Glorious and brave children of Telara, slayer of dragons, champions of the mortal worlds, aid us.

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