Tip: Fast way to refresh Planar Charges

So you need a quick way to refresh your Planar Charges, and you aren’t in an instance.


  • Use Planar Surge or Sacrifice Life: Planar Charge. These are PA abilities; or
  • Enter Conquest if it is up; or
  • Head to Pelladane’s Fort Mazamar Porticulum. Two Planar Anomalies are right there a few meters in front of the Porticulum.
  • Use Ember Isle teleport for multiple Planar Anomalies nearby.

Planar Surge/Planar Charge

Planar Surge and Sacrifice Life: Planar Charge are gained from your Planar Attunement.

Planar Surge
This is located in Tier 3 of the Attunement of Life. On a 1hr CD, it gives you 1-3 Planar Charges (depending on your other PA points)

Sacrifice Life: Planar Charge
This is located in Tier 3 of the Attunement of Death.  On a 1hr CD, it gives you 1-3 Planar Charges (depending on your other PA points) and does damage equal to 15% of your Max HP.

You can use these abilities by going to your Abilities window (defaul key “P“) -> Ascended Powers -> Planar War sub-category and either right-clicking the icon or dragging and dropping to your action bars and use a hotkey/right-click from there.

Enter Conquest

When Conquest is running, you can quickly join Conquest and use the Planar Anomalies that are inside/next to each base for each faction. The Oathsworn faction has the closest Planar Anomalies.

Access Conquest
To access Conquest, go to your PvP window (default key “K“) and click on the Conquest tab at the bottom, then click “Join”. Conquest is only available at Level 60.

The benefits of this method is that when you leave Conquest, you’ll still be in the same location that you entered Conquest. Thus you don’t have to waste time finding a porticulum, and then heading to a location with Planar Anomalies, then heading back to where you want to be.

Exit Conquest
Exit Conquest via your Dimension. This means you don’t have to return to base and speak to the NPC to exit, and you don’t have to use teleporting abilities/soul recall that might make you end up in a porticulum that you don’t want to be in.

Open your Dimension window (default key “[“) and then click on your active dimension key to enter it. Then when you’ve entered, right-click the door icon as shown below and choose “Leave Area”.


Doing this will ensure that if you were a Location X just before you entered Conquest to refresh your Planar Charges, you’ll end up back at Location X when you leave your dimension.

Note: This method doesn’t work when Conquest isn’t open/on-CD.

Fort Mazamar


Fort Mazamar is located in the top-right corner of the Kingdom of Pelladane. Journey there, and you’ll find that right in front of the porticulum are two Planar Anomaly spawns for you to recharge your Planar Charges.


Ember Isle


Ember Isle is also a good location. The reason is that there are several Planar Anomalies close to the Porticulum at Ember Watch (middle porticulum).

Also, you can get a “Teleport to Ember Isle” ability on a 1hr CD as the first ability in your Attunement of Fire Planar Attunement. Press default key “U” to access your Planar Attunement window, and go to the Attunement of Fire to check if you have the ability.

The ability can be found in your Abilities Window (default key “P“) under Ascended Powers -> Ascended Teleport. You can use the ability by left-clicking on it, or attaching a hotkey to it by dragging the icon to your action bar.


There’s a whole heap of Planar Anomalies just round the corner from the Porticulum.

Hope these tips speed up your Planar Charging!

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